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Having merely been listening to the conversation exchanged between Leehna and Halley, Felix fans himself gently with whatever wind provided, which wasn't much considering the amount that he was getting. It was quite hot today, even the shades from the trees did him no justice. But he isn't complaining, at least he's getting something to help coop with the weather. Since nothing much was going on, it was easy for the male to notice that Stitch had finally appeared from his tent, offering small smiles and greetings to each members that was present. When it was Felix's turn, Stitch gave him a light wave, to which Felix acknowledge with a polite nod. With the veil tucked out of the way, Felix was able to more easily catch the slight concern flashing across Stitch's expression, and he himself frowns, until Stitch asks him of his condition. "I am fine Stitch, just feel like today the heat is especially smoldering me." He replies, "I came back earlier from patrolling, didn't find much but covered quite some distance with my pokemons. They did most of the work, so I returned them to their pokeball and made my way back by foot. I was never an athlete before, nor am I now, so you could probably understand that walking back by myself was a challenge." He explains, "I am resting up well, energy is easy to replenish, so there's really no need to worry. I do still plan to continue patrolling later tonight, when the Sun isn't beating down on me as much." He assured him. Felix perhaps might've wanted to prod Stitch for information too, like what's their next step, or what he was discussing in his tent with such intense focus that he didn't come out until now. Maybe even something trivial, like how his day went. But of course, Felix isn't a man of many words, so he just did a welcome gesture for Stitch to speak. "What about you, how's your daily routine going. I'm assuming you have more to say, unless you only came out to take attendance." Felix said.
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Ril only watches Mimic leaving with interest. No one just says that they take calls privately and not make her curious. Maybe listening on it would lead to a good blackmail material in the future, and that's what she'll do if this mission would bore her too much. But if something happens, then she'll just throw that idea out since he is still a fellow team member. She then looks at the pokemon on watch, "Wow, now do I feel bad that I don't have a partner out," she says as she now releases Zenon who's taking an appearance of a Jolteon, or Ali specifically. She giggles, "Would you like to join them outside?" The pokemon only nodded, and immediately went out to follow. She then lets out a loud sigh, and munches on the snack given to them. Ano seems to have taken interest on the folder that have some information on what they're looking for. Unusual pokemon sightings they said, she never actually bothered to look at it properly, just listened to the gist of it when someone's explaining. But there doesn't seem to be any progress in their search as of now, and it's either their missing something, or just false lead. "Hey, if we searched up in the air and found nothing, can't we just like look at inside establishments, caves or something of the like?" she blabbered mindlessly from being bored of her mind. She may look childish, but she can say sensible things normally if there's nothing fun going on.
Cattafang's AvatarCattafang
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Wake looked at Mimic leaving briefly before looking at Ril after she mentioned looking through indoor establishments. “That’s not entirely a bad idea,” He said, pausing to eat a bit. “Though I’m not all that sure about what we’d find in caves other than some wild Zubat and Sandshrew.” His Inteleon came over and sat down, slightly annoyed. “Still didn’t find anything, bud?” Wake asked, handing Bubbles some food. Bubbles sighed and ate the food, looking down at the ground annoyed. “I wonder if we could pick up some sort of signals from them at the Radio Tower.” He said, starting to go into a ramble. “It’s possible they could be radioing others for supplies or to make plans. If we could find a way to intercept a signal and triangulate it, we could theoretically find their location and plan and launch a surprise attack from there.”
Eda and the pair of Fighting-types ran a bit before stopping near the group, curious about what the group was discussing. “Hey there guys!” She said, sweating a bit from the run and heat from the Sun. “Everyone alright out here? For some reason it’s a lot hotter than usual today.” The heat made Eda think back to some stories her father told her about a Pokémon that could summon huge droughts and eruptions to make land. She shrugged it off as just a heat wave, though the thought still lingered.

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The yawn escaped him before he could even think twice about it. Zephyr tried to slow down his pace just so it wouldn't be too hard for the mareep to follow. Because of that, it wasn't surprising that their trip back took much longer than it was supposed to. By the time they were able see a couple of their fellow resistance members in the distance, Zephyr yawned and it wasn't at all surprising to see Sasha give him a narrowed glance Talk about being able to communicate with their eyes... It would seem he arrived at just about the same time as Eda did, her blaziken taking his attention for a moment to stare at it. It was a pokemon that served as a starter for most trainers from the same region as Blu so he always did find the pokemon fascinating... though the swablu didn't show the same interest if its undisturbed slumber was to go by any. He sighed "Returning from border patrol...", Zephyr drawled, answering Eda first, as well as making a half-hearted salute. He could see his attempt made the silverette release a small laugh - Leehna always was easily amused - and he continued, "Nothing out of the ordinary. We're still surrounded by trees if anyone's curious"
Hearing other voices within the area, Leehna shifted her attention from Halley and towards the others. It would seem that Stitch had finally torn himself away from his map to join them outside, could be why her skarmory released a small squawk - seeing that the person they came to visit just passed - and was currently conversing with Felix And then there was Eda, followed in her wake by her ever loyal Fighting-types. The fellow Hoenn native appeared the same time as Zephyr did - who was, as always, wearing his pokemon as a hat She gave the two of them a small wave though, and she listened as the purple-haired trainer gave a watered down version of his patrol, she could practically hear the boredom in his tone. Leehna didn't like doing border patrols either but it was a necessity... besides, it was better to have nothing to report than having one, wouldn't it...? That would mean trouble for them
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