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Team Coup
Accepted Character Index
Username Character Type
Amethyst Zephyr Sanders Defiant
SnivyQueen15 Evera Acritul Defiant
fevineFølløwer Halley Smith Defiant
White-Blanket Felix Diamond Defiant - League Member
Amethyst Leehna Silphreen Defiant - League Member
Cattafang Eda Brightspark Defiant - League Member
Noki-Doki Acadia "Stitch" Defiant - League Member
Noki-Doki Ano Kamea Team Coup Grunt
fevineFølløwer Mimic Team Coup Grunt
jeanne43 Rilliane Adelia Team Coup Grunt
Cattafang Anderson Wave Team Coup Grunt
jeanne43 Marco Nocturne Johto Coup Researcher
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Azalea Town; Defiance HQ
The small, isolated town had grown over the past few years as whispers settled over the regions, beckoning those who still had hope to come there. It was no easy task to find the town, as it had moved into the depths of the Ilex forest - while some still lived in the original Azalea Town, most had shifted to their forest base of operations. Tall pine trees and thick, high fencing protected the haven at all sides, some trainers and their Pokemon even erecting a psychic barrier over the town to protect them. The only entry points were the Union Cave and Ilex Forest itself, guarded by trainers. Stitch opened his tent to the town, welcoming visitors. He then returned to the table in his tent where a world map was spread across it. Notes were scribbled in Kalosian, messily detailing high traffic points of Team Coup and highlighting their next courses of action. He preferred writing in the scrawling language of his home region, though it isolated many from understanding his notes. A low hum rumbled in his chest as he considered their next move; Team Coup had been zeroing in on their camp. It was only a matter of time before they were found. "Our only chance might be.." He mused to himself, thoughtfully. His sylveon, Lutin, laid stretched out by him. He appeared fast asleep, but the trembling of the Pokemon's ribbons let any who approached know he was on guard.
Goldenrod City; Team Coup Search Party Alpha
The city of Goldenrod was still lively, bustling... The Game Corner still flashed bright, but prizes had moved to instead straight cash. The Radio Tower still hosted shows and podcasts, it's lights a bright beacon. But, most people glanced nervously to the 'defenders' of their city. Team Coup had a heavy stake placed here, as they believed the Defiance members were squirreled away in the area. Search party Alpha, consisting of Agents Awe, Skull, Ril, and Wake, had been stationed there to continue the search, directed by their Queen. They were some of her more competent ones in the Johto region currently; so they were told. Ano, also known as Agent Awe, frowned as she left the grocery store. She'd went in to buy some snacks for their team and she'd glanced at one of the city enforcers. I was told I'd be one'a them, not playing Marco Peeko with some insurgents, she thought bitterly. She cracked open her soda pop as she strode to join the other members of Search Party Alpha in the Pokemon Center. People stepped aside, letting her pass upon seeing the Pokemon prowling by her side. It was her large, imposing Alolan Persian, his sharp eyes glaring down anyone who walked too close. The electric door to the Pokemon Center swished open... She grinned wide to find Mimic and the others sitting at a table, the girl trotted over. She set down her shopping bag, divvying out soda pops to each person along with some food. She asked, "Got anythin'?"
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The blonde boy was playing with his Mimikyu, tickling its false belly. Then he realized there was another person, and put on a rather close impression of his dad at his age. Standing up, he said "Nope. Go fish, punk" He said, trying to add some humor to his edgy side. Actually it wasn't really as much as a side as it was a cover-up, he said, thinking about the contact simply labeled "Grandma Minnie" and "Aunt Lily". They were actually his parents- Acerola, a former Trial Guardian and Elite four of Alola, and Gladion, owner of Silvally and a Team Skull Worker. Mimic himself, was generally kept away from the public anybody who asked was simply told his mother was a fan of Mimikyu- and well. He wasn't wrong.
A redhead was casually scribbling foreign notes. If anybody could read Unovan, it would translate to "white dragon unknown, grey dragon unknown, black dragon safe. Drive fossil unknown." She was also muttering it as she wrote.
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The nudging at his side was the one that broke Zephyr from his hazy bubble of sleep. Swatting at it lightly did not deter them and prodded at his shoulder a lot harder - leaving him no choice but to give his full attention. His mareep stared at him with it's onyx eyes and he swears he could see a bit of reprimand there. Zephyr yawned, "C'mon, Sasha... It's not like somebody is just gonna traipse through this part of the forest" Ever since their little defiance group took station here at Ilex Forest, he'd had quite a fair share of his patrols. Exactly what he was doing right now, but everything was the same old story - nothing but the tall and looming trees in the distance, no disturbance at all. Even his swablu agreed with Zephyr taking it easy, if the way the pokemon perched on his head continued to breathed steadily in its sleep. He'd heard the whispers of Team Coup slowly and surely zeroing in on them - thus the more heavy patrols - but Zephyr would rather not think of it... Let someone else other than him worry about it Besides... He'd also heard that some League members were able to escape, he's guessing they're part of the resistance group now and he just doesn't know who they are. If such forces were among them, then he shouldn't need to lift a finger... Right?
"Alright... That should do...", Leehna lightly taps the expanded wing of her skarmory from underneath. She had been examining them as per routine of making sure her pokemon were in tip top condition - they always were but she never fails to do it at least once day. Besides, it was the only thing that now kept her busy during her free time. After her hasty escape from the gym, all her research notes and data gathering books were left behind. It took quite a bit of getting used to without her signature clipboard in hand but she tried not to complain... At least her whole team were able to escape with her For some time now, they were able to escape detection of the vile Team Coup but Leehna was a bit worried on how long that was supposed to last. That had been why she soon found herself outside Stitch's tent - planning to ask if there had been more disturbing updates on the movement of Team Coup. She took a quick peek and saw that he was hunched over his table inside, his sylveon out She thought it best not to bother at the moment and maybe wait until he comes outside so she could talk to him. At the meantime... "Alright, the other wing, please..." Double-checking skarmory's wings should keep her busy
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Sitting atop a golurk's shoulder, a man laid his head upon the pokemon's own, arms positions upon the other as support while the big pokemon pushes their way through the thick trees. The golurk carries his trainer graciously, careful not lean too far to the right or the left, forward nor backwards, as doing so will most likely knock their trainer off. The golurk was well aware of their large height, one wrong move and their trainer might end up with a broken bone, or probably worst. They were also keeping an eye out for any Team Coup members, who might've found their way through this safe enclosure of trees and bushes, where it kept the lair of their defiant camp. Felix really was the one who was supposed to be patrolling, but the male got tired too easily, so the golurk had offer to carry him. Now here he was, lounging around on the golurk's shoulder, legs swinging aimlessly as the mighty boulder walks. So far, they found nothing, no Team Coup members were on this side of the forest. They were getting noticably slower, so Felix lifted his head to gaze quizzically around their surrounding. They were already going slow before, seeing that the golurk's big size would surely attract attention if the noise of their steps isn't already loud enough, but the movements now felt weary and drained. "Do you want to go back to the others, Goliath?" Felix asks quietly, laying his head back down, "I feel like your pace is lacking, you must be worn out. Let's return, you've done enough." He said. The golurk made a noise of content, so Felix strokes them gently as they turns to which they came, back to the camp. They only made it so far before Felix requested to walk for himself, which, the golurk complied, bending down for their trainer to hop off. Felix then returned the pokemon, not without a warning, snapping the pokeball shut to assure a well deserved rest for his dear friend, before continuing the rest of the way back to HQ himself. Luckily enough, he didn't tire out by the time he got back, the walk merely speeding up his heart rate by a little bit. Nonetheless, he wanted to sit. And sitting he did, walking pass the tent where Stitch resides in, Felix plops himself down near the root of a tree, leaning against the trunk after letting out a breath of relief. He prods the veil away from his face a bit, wanting the wind to caress the sweat damped cheeks soothingly, as it had done many times before. It was then when he remove the veil from his eyes that he realizes that another person was nearby, seemingly busying herself with the wings of a skarmory. He don't think he had met her before, but then again, his face was always directed towards the ground, so he wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even know the leader's face. Either way, he didn't bother himself to greet her, she was probably too focus upon that skarmory wing to even notice him anyways. He'll just wait for the leader to come out and tell them what to do, that would be the easier approach to things.
Halley groaned, exiting her tent and walking up to Leehna. "Hey, uh... any new newspapers we've gotten ahold of? this one's from last month, and my research is kinda important! While stuff like Keldeo and Thundurus are hard to keep track of,with rare sightings, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyruem and Genesect are a bit easier." Halley had appointed herself the "keeper of Unovan Legendaries" aka, just writing down their status. Ruffly popped out of his ball, "Dein-o..." He said, exasperated.
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Ril immediately sat down as one of their member finally arrived with the food and drinks she's waiting been for. "This is great, thanks!" she cheerfully exclaimed, as she opens to bottle of soda pop and took a quick sip on it. She slams the bottle down after drinking about a third of the bottle, and immediately considers if she might as well eat the snacks too. Rilliane still knows what their mission is, but a good food and drink would always be worthwhile waiting for. "Well, nothing's been up and about yet. Though I'd be really glad if there is," she laughs at the end. Searching around had been quite boring for the girl, and though she might have companions she can pester around, she doesn't feel like bothering them. And, she's saving her energy in case they encountered the people they're looking for.
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Agent Wake looked up and nodded at Agent Awe with a small smile. “Thank you, Awe.” He said before looking over at his Inteleon, Bubbles. Bubbles was looking over at people passing by, keeping an eye out for something suspicious. Wake got up and gave him some of the food, the Inteleon smiling at his trainer before going back to watching others pass by. Wake sat back down and opened the Soda Pop, feeling pretty thirsty. “Haven’t found anything out of the ordinary just yet,” He said, pausing to take a drink of the soda. “Though Bubbles still wants to keep watch just in case we missed something. He’s pretty determined to find someone doing something weird.” Andy chuckled a bit. Considering how slow the day had been, he had some hope that Bubbles would find something out of the ordinary just so he could do something.
Eda was sitting in her tent, looking at a photo of her and Burst and Jake from a long time ago. It was a pretty old photo, with Burst and Jake only being a Torchic and Shroomish at the time the picture was taken. She mainly kept this photo around not just because of the snapshot from around when she started her journey, but also the odd (slightly green?) streak in the sky, just in the background of the photo. Burst was peeking out of the tent, eager to go outside as Tip, the newest addition to their team, sat down as he looked at the Blaziken curiously. Eda put the photo back into her pocket and got up. “Ready to go, guys?” She asked the pair of Fighting types. Tip got up and Burst peeked back in, ready to go. “Alright! Let’s go!” She said, running out of the tent with the Pokémon pair following beside her.

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Mimic's phone started ringing. The caller ID read "Grandma Minni" Mom, the blonde boy though, let's hope Aunt Lily doesn't call.. He looked up, trying to sound as serious as possible. "I have recieved an important call from one of my few family members. We discuss in private and if she hears any of you she will hang up. Okay?" HE walked off to the back of PokeCenter, taking teh call just before it stopped ringing. The middle aged lady with fading purple hair was.. crying. "Totem's gone!" Acerola held back a shout. "My little Totem Mimikyu... nobody's seen him for weeks.." Mimic's eyes widened, No. Nononono. No way. "It's alright Mom. I'll... find out, okay?"
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When another person came to relieve him from his patrol, Zephyr couldn't be even more thankful. He's starting to get sick staring into nothing but green - being surrounded by it was one thing but having to stare at it while doing nothing was doing serious things to his mind... Well, guess he shouldn't really complain, he'd dyed his hair purple after all... Blu still didn't seem to stir from it's comfy sleep and it remained steadfast perched atop his head. It wasn't probably a new sight for anyone by now, the swablu always acted like it was a hat and perched atop his head any given chance. Zephyr felt bad should it wake up when he returned it to its ball so he didn't. Sasha though... "You sure you don't want to go back to your Acorn Ball??", he asked yet still knowing the answer. Sometimes, he thinks he's lucky that Azalea town had been rather vocal about using apricorns for pokeballs and the first ever one he's succesfully crafted was used on the mareep (it was only after many more attempts that he made another which he used on Blu as it didn't really need one with how close they've become when he was still a child) - then again, when Sasha acts so stubbornly, he couldn't help but quietly wonder why he caught such a hard-headed pokemon It didn't respond and yet continued to follow his pace with short quick steps. "Wow... can't even trust me to get back without falling asleep, huh?" The 'baah' of confirmation towards him made him release an awkward chuckle
"Oh, what?", the silverette lightly pushed the wing covering her face - and the person that approached her - to see more clearly. She'd been a bit focused on examing each steel feather for anything that might've gotten stuck in between that Leehna didn't really think anyone would talk to her. She moves her eyes downward a bit more to meet the girl's eyes Her skarmory lets out a small sound in greeting before it turns away, interest lost and towards another trainer. It seems a bit ruffled at the moment, probably itching to stretch out his wings but not able to fly away since it knows very well how Leehna takes his condition very seriously. She's lucky they've gotten accustomed to the new climate in Johto and not so much as being irritable in a new region when they had first arrived She answers pulling a little smile, "None that I know of, no. I guess when people go out for supply runs, newspapers are the last thing on their mind". Leehna was only hypothesizing, she herself doesn't know "Though you can try asking those who are on patrol today, maybe a lost camper brought with them a more recent issue and dropped it near our borders"
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Her dark violet eyes cast on Mimic briefly as her scurried off to take a call, but Ano shook her head and took a seat with the other members of Alpha Team. "No problem, mates." She grinned to the remaining pair, tipping her soda pop in a mock of a toast. She gave Purrcival a snack, before the feline prowled over to join Bubbles in his watch... though the lazier Pokemon opted to lay down. She hummed, picking at one of the folders at their table. HQ had sent them a compilation of the known Defiance members in the area, though it was rather bare bones. She sighed softly, taking a swig of her bottle, "The walk to the store was pretty routine, Purrcival and I didn't see any suspicious activity either." Ano then thumbed open the folder, glancing over its contents with vague interest. Blurry pictures, a few Pokemon sighted - mainly native Johto Pokemon you'd expect though the occasional odd one like Sylveon, Snivy, or Swablu were rumored to have been seen or heard in the nearby area. No names were given unfortunately or direct links to anything, though the Pokemon sightings were noted near lower Goldenroad. "Didn't give us much to go off of either..." She frowned, considering.
Lutin had opened his eyes curiously when the silver-haired woman peeked in; the sylveon yawned silently and rolled to his paws. It stilled, peering up at the wide framed man that had raised him, considering. "Syl.." He muttered, before coming to nudge against Stitch's leg. When his trainer didn't acknowledge him, the sylveon bit his leg, eliciting a hiss from the man. Crimson eyes met blue and Stitch shook his head. "What, Lutin?" He asked, amusement written on his face. The fairy Pokemon's ribbons wavered in the air and the sylveon jumped onto the table, blue eyes pouring over the map and notes. As if judging the man. He then set a dainty paw on the map, above their current location. Pointing to Goldenrod City, the sylveon trilled low and it's blue eyes glanced to the corner of the room. Faintly, for the briefest second, red eyes faded into and out of view. He near whispered, thoughtfully, "Ah... So, they're either going to try and smoke us out, lead us into a trap... or they are just close to us." He glanced to the eyes, and spoke in soft Kalosian, "Thank you, Ombre. You may leave, my friend." A faint breeze and Stitch knew the Gengar had left to continue its reconnaissance. He nodded before turning his attention back to the map. "So, there's a search team in Goldenrod now... how fascinating." He mused, Lutin nodding in agreement. The Pokemon then jumped off his perch as the man noted the new information, a frown on his face as he considered their options. If Team Coup did catch wind of them, their next best choice would be to region hop... but to do that, with so many people? It was safest to make their way to one of the port towns. Olivine was certainly closer, but posed a high risk to get to.... but they might be able to cut over to Kanto and then take a ship in Vermilion. But would that be predicted? Stitch shook his head. "I shouldn't be the only one to settle on our next move..." He glanced to his sylveon, who'd already trotted to the mouth of their tent. He smiled faintly, though lingering concern hovered over him. He did go, following the fairy out and stepping into the clean forest town. The first thing he noted was the large steel bird and he couldn't stifle his warm smile to the creature, though he did resist reaching into his ever-present duffel bag to pull out a PokePuff for the bird. He wasn't sure if rich, sugary dessert lined up as 'healthy' for Leehna and he didn't want to offend the woman who took so much care in her Pokemon's health. He instead just greeted the Pokemon kindly, sweeping his red gaze over the camp. He seemed to have at least one visitor and he felt guilty he'd been so pulled into his mapping; how long had they been waiting? He offered a light wave in the direction of Felix since the girls seemed occupied with each other at the moment, "Good afternoon, Felix." Concern flickered in his gaze as he took in the seemingly exhausted state of the Unovan, "Are you feeling well?"

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