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Regarding Off-Site Trading

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There has been a bit of confusion involving off-site trading. Specifically trading items from another website for PFQ items and vise versa. This thread is created to hopefully alleviate some of that confusion. Please note for your own protection should should be making at the very least PM contact with your trade partner on PFQ so records of the agreement are available for us. In this thread, you find a list of sites that do not allow off-site trading with PFQ or any site in general. Here you will find the name of the website, a link to its ToS and a screenshot of the respective portion stating that off-site trading/trading with PFQ isn't allowed. Obviously this list isn't complete - if you have a site that you know doesn't allow off-site trading or such, feel free to comment and I will add it to the post ^^ If you also have an questions regarding the situation, you can ask them here as well.
Just as a reminder: off-site trading is done at your own risk. PFQ takes no responsibility for anything that arises from an off-site trade done by users. If a situation arises in which a trade is not completed. Please contact the support team of the specific site to get the situation resolved

Official Pokemon Games

We do not allow the trading of Official Pokémon games Pokémon (ie. Sun / Moon). Unfortunately, Nintendo's systems can't verify hacked Pokémon. If they can't do it then we have no chance - and sadly, with the number of hacked Pokémon flying around that we've caught, we're no longer taking chances.
Pulled directly from our Rules section
This includes any official Pokemon games. TGCO included.

Flight Rising

Under no circumstance is a user allowed to trade PFQ items for items on Flight Rising.


This section is specifically related to the trading of DeviantArt Points. DeviantArt does not allow for the trading of points off of their website.


Lioden does not allow for their content to be traded off-site and must be kept to the game.


Wajas does not allow for the trading of their pets and currency for off-site items or anything of cash value. Wajas ToS Link | Screenshot of Specific Rule


Because we're are still classified as a "beta" site, Furvilla does not allow trading with it.


"Only games that are currently in full release condition qualify for “cross-site trading”; games that are currently in an alpha, beta, or early access state may not be traded with." We are still technically considered a "beta" game, so trading with this site is not allowed!


"We allow the real life goods trading of currency for Site assets, such as pets, items, or currency. However, this is done at the player's own discretion. Please use the appropriate forum and take great care while doing these types of transactions. All transactions involving the Site's assets must be done on Site with another Site player. Although the Site and its Staff takes no responsibility or liability for transactions between players, any players found to be scamming will have their account terminated and receive a permanent IP ban."
Just because a site isn't on this list doesn't mean that it allows off-site trading.
Please remember that it is your responsibilty to verify whether or not a site allows off-site trading. If it goes against the ToS of another site, we will not allow you to trade it.
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I feel very awkward being the first poster here but! Dappervolk! "Only games that are currently in full release condition qualify for “cross-site trading”; games that are currently in an alpha, beta, or early access state may not be traded with." Here! Is the section that mentions that and here is a link to their TOS Just attempting to not get people in trouble!
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Thank you, Chara! I'll go ahead and add that to the post now! ^^

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