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FlameDragon's AvatarFlameDragon
FlameDragon's Avatar
wow there's been a lot of people mass selling in the 600 zc range today xD I can cover the full cost in ZC, I'll send a trade!
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Ku Idols 15/200 (7.5%)
Team Subzero Slammer (Ice) for May 2020! Score: 12000 Banner made by Nyna Azura
My wishing stone for 100 GP?
Credit goes to Levian Wonder for my badass new avatar <3
Deandra's AvatarDeandra
Deandra's Avatar
I’ve got a soul heart and wishing stone for Credits and another wishing stone for zc if you’re interested
My gracidea seed for zc?
200/500for hypermode

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FlameDragon's AvatarFlameDragon
FlameDragon's Avatar
Trades have been sent!
Heya! I have a bunch to sell to ya. ^^; The total for them should be 1260 ZC, I believe. 1x Fire Feather ~ 40 1x Thunder Fang ~ 30 3x Fire Fang ~ 90 1x Clear Bell ~ 40 4x Rock Statue ~ 80 3x Steel Statue ~ 60 1x Ruby Orb ~ 50 1x Magatama ~ 15 1x Kusanagi ~ 15 4x Lustrous Orb ~ 120 3x Magma Stone ~ 60 2x Gold Statue ~ 30 4x Victory Medal ~ 60 1x Terracotta Épée ~ 20 1x Viridian Épée ~ 30 2x Music Box ~ 140 2x Diamond Tiara ~ 30 1x Hyperspace Ring ~ 20 1x Komainu Figurine ~ 20 1x Lono Idol ~ 20 1x Kanaloa Idol ~ 20 1x Spectral Leiomano ~ 40 1x Plasma Koa ~ 40 2x Black Prism ~ 250
Avy from 2019 Advent Calender If I specified a link for a pokemon... Send me that one, I will reject ones I didn't link. Too many people sending me non Adamants because they didn't send my linked. Feel free to click the icons! for my Melans! UFDT
FlameDragon's AvatarFlameDragon
FlameDragon's Avatar
I'll send a trade!
Deandra's AvatarDeandra
Deandra's Avatar
Ive got a death wing and a rock statue for ZC please
iZoura's AvatariZoura
iZoura's Avatar
Hi! I have these summons if you want to buy! The below is for 75 ZC: x1 Thunder Feather x1 GS Ball x1 Ice Statue x1 Helix Orb At this one for 100k credits if possible: x1 Hyperspace Ring
Hey! Come check out our new shop! Currently Collecting -
Ice Feather
4 / 300
Fire Feather
8 / 300
Thunder Feather
16 / 300
Kanaloa Idol
12 / 300
skylucario's Avatarskylucario
skylucario's Avatar
My ice fang for 200gp?
buy my shinies!!! luca, 18, nb masc icon is claude from fire emblem (c) intelligent systems

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