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The Shadow of the Ghost-Dragon Queen (Official Remake)

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Skylar hummed softly. "I'm from Unova, but I'm not too sure. I can manage just fine on my own, so I could go home and find what we need there." Skye knew she'd do fine. Her Pokemon were strong. Especially Blade, who was her natural born fighter. He could win fights just by himself. Bell was also super strong. Blue on the other hand, she was just a show Pokemon, really. Blue refused to fight no matter what.
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Olivia looked at her. At this point, she don't know what to say. It seems that the younger girls were quite confident in their skills for even suggesting to go alone. She shakes her head with a sigh, "Oh well..." not like she's the mother of the group anyway, so she wouldn't want to force her ideas on them. "If you're both seems to be keen on going alone, then I suppose we could go with that." Looking for the relic in their respective hometown might be a good idea since they have to be familiar with their surroundings, and would have an idea where such things should be. "Just... be on a lookout, I suppose. Don't go jumping into dangers you know you can't handle," she says from experience. She started as a trainer after all, and is still one technically, so she knows how dangerous travelling alone can be. She then remembered something and looked at the only male of the group, "By the way, you suggested going together, didn't you? How about the two of us go together?" if he wasn't as confident as these two, she might as well go with him.
Amethyst remembered something. "Well, as much as I'd like to go alone, there are still other trainers out there who want to get to the relics before us. It owuld be wiser to go in pairs, I think." She then sat back down.
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He watched as the other girl spoke. She sounded pretty sure of herself. He sighed and guessed that her Pokémon were strong. At least that’s what he assumed of people that were chosen by Arceus. All he had were his three Pokémon who stuck with him during contests, with none of them having much battling experience except his Lurantis. When he heard the older girl talk and ask him about joining her, he perked up. “Sure. I’ll come with you. Hopefully I won’t be such a huge burden.”
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Olivia lets out a heavy sigh of relief at Amethyst words. Now all she hopes that the other girl would approve of this, "Well, how about you and Skylar pair up for this one then?" she smiled as she looks at the two females. She then turned at Kiran, "Oh, and you shouldn't think like that. We help each other out in the journey, and trust that we cover each other’s backs." "That's how travelling in pair should work," she says confidently, not minding the fact she never tried travelling with someone else.
"I don't mind working with someone else." Said Skye, leaning back against a rock. Blue laid in her lap, eating a few berries. The Pokemon's face was stained with blues and reds.
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"I guess that's settled then," she clasps her hand together before turning to Kiran once again. "Would you prefer that we go investigate Sinnoh region first together? Or maybe either Hoenn or Kanto would be better?" She only has a small information about the first region, so she can't really tell about where the relic might be. But Hoenn and Kanto? She would like to believe that she's overly familiar with both regions.

Pages: 1234

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