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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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Time: 8:05am It was a quiet morning all over Evini, and on the west side of Avivo City, the building for raising Snivy to be distributed to new Unova trainers was home to multiple of the Grass Snake Pokemon. It was the same with every other starter around the region. Merry, one of the Snivy in their building, was still curled up with multiple of her kind. She took heavy trust in them. (Go ahead and post now!)
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Made by Fuchsfee
"Do you hear this guy?" laughed the white Vaporeen, Blue, as she rushed inside. Following her was a small, shiny Snivy. "Bell, you have to listen to Blade's nonsense," Blue cried as she shook the small Dratini awake, careful not to dig her claws into Bell's sensitive skin. "Is it really a crime that I want to stay here?" Blade asked, plopping down next to the sleeping Dratini. "Yeah, it is," Blue said, looking at him with her ocean eyes, "we are here to be... well, adopted, I should say. One day a trainer is gonna come and swoop us all up!" "You sure?" Bell finally cut in, "they could just take one of us and the other two is left behind." This caused Blue's happy expression to fall. "What!? No, we'd have to convince them to take us! Right, Blade?" But Blade was shaking his head. "Bell is right," he said, "we'd most likely be split up. Besides, I'm not sure who'd go for a hybrid." Blue looked absolutely crestfallen at her friend's statements. She got up, wandered over to one of the water bins, and laid in it. It wasn't salt-water, but it would have to do.
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
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(ooc:i kinda dont know how to do my starting post. this is an rp im not used to and i dont know if we start as eggs or hatched pokemon.)
sparks frind chart in the everstone daycare: cosmics fraind chart in the everstone daycare klilits (fusion no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: missings (sun looking unkown no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: plz join my rp pokeplanters i need people to join


you have to save the world! join a group of four and make your team to defeat team evil! in the last left
//i think we start hatched.
saqlain's Avatarsaqlain
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//i'm also in this i think we start as hatched as well
saqlain's Avatarsaqlain
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(i need to go to sleep so i will appear tommorow for me in india)
saqlain's Avatarsaqlain
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(i really don't want to sleep right now but covid-19 and all and it's night)
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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((I’d prefer you kept this via the Setup, but yeah, we start as regular Pokemon. Sorry for any confusion.)) Merry flipped herself up from her spot, as she ended up on her back overnight. She normally stayed asleep longer, but the other Pokemon showing up annoyed her. She honestly wanted more rest.
Fluffkins's AvatarFluffkins
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Tiana Tiana the Tepig woke up early, but kept her eyes shut, pretending to still be asleep. She didn't want to go through another day of disappointment. She never got picked. After a few moments of emptiness, she sighed, and stretched, pretending to have just woken up. Immediately, her demeanor changed, and she smiled brightly at the others and nudged them all awake, one by one. Kenny Kenny yawned, then immediately shrank back when he saw all the other fennekins were already awake. There really wasn't any reason to be afraid of them, but he still was. The tiny, faded fennekin backed into his corner of the room, hoping no one would notice him.

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