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Warriors cats: Nova

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ShadowClan: Leader:Goldenstar Golden she-cat Deputy:Coldclaw Silver tom Medicine cat:Rosemaryfang (used to be a rogue) Warriors/Queens: Littleheart cream tabby tom cat Magicfur Deep cream she-cat (mother of Lovelykit and Hopekit) Flowertail Light brown she-cat with hints of green Oakleaf dark brown she-cat (mother of Lilypaw) Stonefoot Light gray tom with black paws Thicknose Tortoishell tom Rottenclaw Deep black tom Fernwing Deep gray she-cat with black spots (mother of Richpaw and Featherpaw) Spidercloud Bright white she-cat (mother of Spotkit) Bramblefur Light brown tom with dark brown spots Ashfrost Black tom with white hind quarters And a few more... Aprentices: Lilypaw Calico she-cat Richpaw Rich brown colored pelt tom Featherpaw Light gray she-cat Birdpaw Black & white tom Birchpaw Cream colored she-cat with white spots Kits: Spotkit Spotted calico Lovelykit Beautiful pure/snow white pelt Hopekit Bright cream pelt Joykit Light gray pelt with black underside Deathkit Pure black pelt Elders: Brokenheart Dark brown tom Sparktail Hairless tom Streamtail Silver she-cat (mother of Coldclaw) Swiftnose White tom
Kittykat185's AvatarKittykat185
Kittykat185's Avatar
Title: Prologue As the shadows crept out from under the big boulders something was creeping out from the shadows, an unwanted presence, something that had betrayed more than 10 souls seeking vengeance... It left the shadows and glided across the lake, into some area of life then...Everything died the trees the prey even the earth. Though all the shadowy presence had, was an overly confident grin on its face. "Lilypaw,Lilypaw..." Said the innocent voice. Lilypaw responds with a tone of confusion"What, where am I, who are you," Lilypaw was starring muzzle to muzzle with a Silver she-cat with a hint of Gray at her hind quarters."I am your mother..."Replied the gray she-cat."Silver-oak"... "N-n-no that can't be, my mother is Oakleaf!"Exclaimed Lilypaw with a shocked expression."I do not have time to argue," Replied the she-cat."This world is at its worst moment, you are its only hope!"Suddenly a shadowy presence crept out from behind the she-cat."You must save us all!"Then, the shadow consumed the she-cat, and the dream started to fade away...

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