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Melemele Daycare

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Sunny turned around to face Gahte and found it weird for a Flying-type Pokemon to conduct electricity when it was weak to that type. Not related to anything but Sunny was just a young baby Pokemon and she already knew about type advantages which was weird but meaning that she was smart. Anyways, she smiled at Gahte and was happy that he was starting to speak confidently. "Well, thank you for helping Dialga. I was really worried that I was going to lose him but thanks to you, he is still alive! May I ask what kind of Pokemon you are? Unless you prefer not to say then that's fine by me."
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ケルディオ, not knowing that Steele is now okay, is still waiting for Cobalt. Where is he?
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Aware this could be a weird situation, Gahte didn’t reply but stepped out from his spot. Broken branch and all, he was showing himself. “Well... I’m a Turtwig. And I couldn’t sit out and let somebody just suffer.”
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Steele realizes that his friend is still trying to get cobalt and rishes to him." "Hey, Its ok, you dont need to get him anymore."
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Sunny noticed the broken twig and noticed that Gahte was a different color to a normal Turtwig. And she knew that Turtwig's were Grass-type Pokemon and not a Flying-type which she found weird. Though she was glad that Gahte had helped Dialga. "If you're a Turtwig, wouldn't that mean you're a Grass-Type?" She remembered about Gahte's broken twig and couldn't stop herself from asking this as it seemed to be personal history. "And what happened to your twig? Did something or someone do something to it to make it snap?"
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"Sunshine, lets not ask." "It may be something personal." The dialga pats eevee and turns to gahte* "Thank you again." The dialga says as it walks away to eat a malasada*
Sunny wanted to know the answer but she knew that asking a question like that would be personal. "Sorry for asking something like that but thank you for saving Dialga." She yawned after she said this and went to find a comfy spot for herself so that she could sleep and then she suddenly started to think about her trainer and when they would come back to collect her. She found the perfect spot, laid down and put her head against her paws. She knew that this place was a daycare and she hoped that her trainer wouldn't leave her here at the daycare. Sunny tried to stop thinking as she noticed that her paws shaking, meaning was she scared. Sunny started to think of everyone she met here at the daycare and closed her eyes to fall into a deep sleep.
ケルディオ hears Steele and gallops over to him. "Sutīru! Daijōbu!" the Colt Pokémon tells the Time Pokémon. ケルディオ hugs Steele, glad he's okay.
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"You can thank Gahte." "Anyways, would you like a malasada?" "Dialga asks"
(Sorry I'm not active anymore, since school is out I don't go on this site as often.) Cobalt finally skitters down to the first floor with his mouth full of Oran berries from the farm. After he arrives he realises the situation had already been resolved. He shrugs as well as an arachnid can and climbs back up the stairs where he re-enters his room and munches on his berries.
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