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Melemele Daycare

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Maple elegantly took the offered Berry, removing the stem as she talked. “Well, I at least appreciate it, and I’m fine without help, thanks. I’m fairly sure I can find my own way around.” There was a minuscule tone of sass in her voice, but not enough to make a difference.
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Sunny stops nuzzling the Dialga and notices that her ears are heading in a different direction. She bounds away and finds the sound of the voice and she catches the scent of another Pokemon. Sunny saw Cobalt and an odd-looking Pokemon. What Pokemon is that? Sunny wanted to ask but she was feeling so much sunshine inside her, without thinking, she ran over to the odd Pokemon and began to give it a very welcoming, cuddly hug, followed with a few nuzzles.
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The Dilaga greets the new pokemon*
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"Sumimasen ga, watashinoheya ga doko ni aru ka shitte imasu ka?" [Excuse me, but do you know where my room is?] ケルディオ asks the employees.
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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Maple's more isolated side came into play, as she backed out from the others arrival. "Uh... leave the fur alone here. And before you ask, I note myself as a Vulvy, a fusion of Snivy and Vulpix. So, uh, where exactly is my room at?" She nuzzled the Eevee back nervously. Just to prove she wasn't that bad a Pokemon.
Sunny finished nuzzling the Vulvy and stood next to the Dialga, wagging her tail.
(I thought her name was Sunny, not Beauty)
CuteWeedle's AvatarCuteWeedle
CuteWeedle's Avatar
The Dialga suddenly lies down on the floor* I'm tired I need rest.... Powers down and teleports into room quickly in a sleeping state*
(Sorry. If I had an Eevee, I would call them Beauty. So I get mixed up with my Eevee and the daycare Eevee.)
"Ahh yes, I can get a room for you guys, I probably should check with Mandy about your rooms but I think it should be fine." He quickly scribbles in Maple's name on a sheet of paper. Tor turns to the Keldeo and says "May I know what your name is? I need to write it down on the room list."
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