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🖤The Demon's Lair ~ Cheap S/A, Boxboxes, & More (Open)🖤

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May I order two boxboxes for GP? ^^
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May I order the 98% galaran ponyta breeding pair for 15 gp?
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Yep to all orders <3
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SassyLadybug's AvatarSassyLadybug
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Mammon, I have come searching for razor fangs! I would like 5 of them. I know you don't like parting with possessions so in exchange I will give you 10 shiny pieces of GOLD! Thank you for your cooperation.
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"I'm pretty sure these beautiful Razor Fangs cost 4 Gold Poke each, rather than 2. For you, though, I'll give you them for 3 Gold Poke each instead! What a nice deal, don't you think?" Mammon's three heads grinned. Neither head noticed Asmodeus coming from behind. "Oh, no you don't, Mammon. I'm considering replacing you with another demon, you know. If you want to keep your job, do it properly and stop trying to rip our customers off!" Mammon whimpered, slinking away. Asmodeus took a bow in front of you. "I'm sorry about that. Here are your fangs, thank you for shopping here!" I don't roleplay often and have no interest in joining a roleplay, so when I get a chance to do a little roleplay I get excited xD
Poppy Crystal's AvatarPoppy Crystal
Poppy Crystal's Avatar
*knocks* "Hello?... I saw a shooting star cleffa who seemed jolly, and she seemed to have flown into here. Could I meet her, maybe even take her? I'll give you 3gp as a gift."
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"I'm terribly sorry to keep you waiting. I assume this is the Cleffa you're referring to?" Satan picked up a little Shooting Star Cleffa playing around with a glittery ball. "If you're still interested in her, we'll send her over."
Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
*God literally flies down to the lair* "Hi yes all bug gems please. I'll pay 80 shekels of gold
and yes I do mean 80
for your 7 medium sized gems"
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Most of the lesser demons seem at unease with the presence of God at their lair. Some look away, some glare and hiss, while the higher up demons appeared perfectly composed. Cerberus growls, showing his many teeth. Patting Cerberus' heads, Mammon bowed to the honey-colored Arceus. "As long as you have money, you're welcome here." Pulling out the pouch of bug gems, Mammon's three heads worked with precision, fusing the small gems into medium-sized ones. Putting the resulting medium gems into a bag, Mammon handed the bag to the Arceus. "Pleasure doing business with you."
SassyLadybug's AvatarSassyLadybug
SassyLadybug's Avatar
I'M BACK! Good day Satan, I've come for Flying Pikachu, Houndour, Them Rats, and Kitsubuki. I will give you the fair price of 18 gold, and a rare bone for Cerberus. It was so nice doing business, but now I must make the journey to the mountains. Farwell!

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