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Anime-Style Battling Tournament (RP!)

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(Meow! Here we go!)
~~~The first battle, between RenCringe and SnivyQueen15, will be in the SEASIDE KINGDOM.~~~
"Alright, are all the cameramons in place?" asked Marie, the commentator for the upcoming Pokemon battle. A "yes" or two followed her query. "Good," replied the Inkling, petting her Espeon. "Now all that's left is for those two Trainers to show..." (Nothing too fancy yet, seeing as we're only just beginning. Ren and Snivy may be battling now, but the rest of y'all can watch!)
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A black-tentacled Inkling made her way over to the arena, followed by a Haxorus. The Inkling, Callie, was dressed in a pink cardigan, a white tank top, black shorts with pink accents on the side, black high-heeled boots with pink soles, and a pink beanie with a yellow star hair clip. She seemed excited to be here: Pokemon Red vs. Green was one of her favorite Splatfests after all! Callie placed a towel on the ground, and sat down, Haxorus following suit. That didn't last long though, because Callie noticed a certain someone. The Inkling leapt for joy as she rushed over to her cousin. "HEY! MARIE!"
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Missy had arrived at the beach like area, knowing her first match was up soon. “Man, I’ve waited for this! Let’s see how this goes, whenever my opponent shows up...”
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Gau quietly watched on from atop a rock on the beach, the stupidest grin on his face. He didn’t quite know what was going on since he couldn’t read anything, but it sounded fun. He was just vibing.
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"Henlo, I'm now here." I say as I descend from the heavens... can't wait to start the battles!
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Ren may or may not have been running late. She'd been taking her dear sweet time to get ready, not wanting to rush herself. Aaand look at where they got her. "DHJDJJHDJD I'M HERE--" She yelled, running into the arena, dodging around puddles of water to avoid any more humiliation. Cramming a piece of toast into her mouth was enough.

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(PFFFFFFhahahaaaaa) Marie let out a startled yelp at Callie's approach. Her Espeon shook his head, laying a paw on his face. "Callie!" yelped the Inkling, only to be startled again by Ren's loud entrance. (yyeeeeeah it's short but bear with me)
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From the way Ren entered, Missy could tell she was rushing. “So, looks like you’re my opponent if you’ve came right to the battlefield, huh? Good luck in advance!”
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Sans was in the stands with everyone else who was waiting to have their battle. Glad that he wasn't having to battle first, he casually popped open a bottle of ketchup and began drinking it as he watched the competitors enter the arena with their Pokemon. He'd purposely kept his a secret for now. Best keep them thinking, yeah? Hopefully Papyrus did not call asking where he was today. Trying to explain THIS would not be easy....
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Panting, Ren grabbed her knees and took a second as the skidded to a halt in front of Missy. "Same to you too..!" She managed to get out. She was excited, if not a little scared to fight. Most of these Pokémon weren't really in her usual comfort zone; especially the ultra beast. But thankfully, she got a nice t-- was that sans undertale.

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