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A Journey of Truth - A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke (15+)

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King and Queen
Desert Resort - Relic Castle
Deep, deep in Route 4, is a place called the Relic Castle. The ancient castle was home to the king and queen of our region, the Seeker of Ideals and the Seeker of Truth. They worked together with two brothers, however, the brothers each wanted sometime different, the oldest sought for truth while the youngest sought for ideals, which caused the two brothers to argue. As they fought over whose side was right, the queen sided with the older brother while the king sided with the youngest. They went into war, which ended with neither side winning and equally declared there was no right side. The sons of the heroes, however, resumed the quarrel and the queen and king destroyed our region with fire and lightning, eventually, they both disappeared, leaving two stones. "The stone left by the king resides in Dragonspiral Tower, and the queen's stone lives deep within our home, the Relic Castle." A Cofagrigus sits with several Pokemon from the desert, listening to the ancient Pokemon's story. A Yamask at the back of the group hears noise from below, the Yamask went downstairs and followed the noise, to see several Pokemon pick up a strange stone and head back to the surface. The Yamask didn't know what to do, was that stone the same from that story? What are those Pokemon doing with that stone? He fled upstairs, finding someone who could sort this out. NUZLOCKE RULES 1: If a Pokemon faints, it's considered dead and is sent to the Storage System permanently. 2: I can only catch the first Pokemon in the area, if it's a Double battle in dark grass, I can decide what Pokemon to catch. 3: Dupes Clause - If I meet the same species of Pokemon I've already caught, I would be given another chance to catch another Pokemon from that area until I encounter a Pokemon I haven't caught yet. 4: If I run into a Shiny, I am allowed to catch it, regardless of whether or not it's my first encounter 5: If I black out, it's game over.
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Chapter Trio - Part 1
Nuvema Beginnings
Nuvema Town
A small town sits in the middle of a autumn meadow, orange and red leaves were covering the roads and Pidove were perched on the houses and trees. Inside one of these houses lives an Oshawott, sitting on his bed, this Oshawott goes by the name of... Azure Oshawott Male Naughty Nature Capable of taking hits Today was a very special day for Azure, he's going to be joining in the annual Pokemon League challenge. He has been looking forward to the challenge ever since his mother competed in it years ago, he could see it now, he would be standing in front of the Pokemon League, facing the strongest Pokemon known to Unova, come to think of it, his friends should be coming up to meet him, I wonder where they- "SURPRISE!" A very peppy voice yelled, scaring the Oshawott, making him to fall out of his bed. "Jeez! Bianca, Cheren, you scared the heck out of me!" Azure exclaimed, rubbing his backside. "Sorry, I sort of overslept. Good morning Azure!" The Tepig, Bianca replied with glee. The Snivy, Cheren, sighed at Bianca's energetic optimism, but shrugged it off. "Morning, Azure, so, are you ready for the Pokemon League challenge?" "Yeah! Hey, since you guys are here, lets battle!" Azure said, grabbing the scalchop from his stomach. "Honestly, Azure, I know we're teenagers now, but we shouldn't have a battle inside a house." Cheren told Azure. "Don't be a worrywart! We're older now, we won't cause much chaos like we did when we were kids." Bianca said, running to one side of the room. "Ready, Azure?" Azure and Bianca battled first, Azure rammed into Bianca a few times with Tackle, making the room turn into a huge mess, shelves knocked over, books all over the floor, the house was in complete shambles. Cheren was up next, Azure weakened him with Tail Whip, Cheren tackled Azure, causing a plant to be knocked over, Azure finished him off with a few more tackles. Cheren got up, rubbing his arm and said, "Well, at least the mess wasn't as bad as when we were kids, but we should apologize to your mother for making such huge mess." "Ah, I was wondering why there was a huge ruckus upstairs." A motherly voice replied from downstairs, a Samurott walked up the stairs, looking at the complete mess of a room. "I'm very sorry about the mess, ma'am." Cheren apologized. "Well, um... We can clean up..." Bianca nervously added. "No worries, you two, I'll take care of it later, don't you have a professor to visit?" Azure's mother smiled. "That's right, Professor Juniper is going to help us begin our journey." Cheren said, heading for the door. "I'll meet you two at the Research Lab." "Oh, wait! I gotta go home first!" Bianca said, she ran out of the door and said, "Thanks for having us over!" "So, you'll be facing the League challenge, huh?" Azure's mother asked. "Yeah, I'm gonna be a great fighter, just like you!" Azure replied, with confidence with his voice. "Well, I suppose it's time that I gave you these, then." Azure's mother walked over to a shelf downstairs and pulled out a bag and a device that looks like a wristwatch. "I've been waiting until you can start your journey to give you these, this is the bag I've used in my journey, and here's your very own Xtransceiver." She handed the two items to her son. "Now, Azure, I know your not good with taking care of your stuff, but I want you to take very good care of these two items, you'll need the Xtransceiver to communicate with your friends." "I will, mom, thanks." Azure said, he jumped up and hugged his mother, he let go of her and headed for the door. "Just you wait, I'm going to come back as a champion!" He proudly exclaimed, leaving the house and heading for the research lab. Azure's mother smiled as she watched him go, the idea of her young son leaving the home to face the League challenge makes her teary-eyed. "Good luck, Azure." She said, tears forming in her eyes. Azure arrived at the research lab to see Cheren. "Azure, you made it." Cheren said, he looked around. "Bianca has been gone for a while, have you seen her?" "I-I'm here!" Bianca cried, she rushed over to the lab. "Sorry! Had to deal with things at home, my dad did not like the idea of me going out there." She apologized through exhausted breaths. "So, you're all here, right?" A Cinccino in a lab coat leaves the Reseach Lab, in her paw she has three cases. "Morning, Professor Juniper, I suppose these cases are our badge cases?" Cheren asked. "Well, if you're going to be going across the Unova region, you're going to need to keep your badges nice and secure." Juniper replied, she handed the badge cases to the young Pokemon. "Well, are you ready to begin your journey?" She asked with excitement, the trio nodded. "Alright then, let's go!". Professor Juniper lead the three Pokemon to Route 1, a straight meadow path leading to Accumula Town. "Alright, I'll allow you three some time to train up and befriend some Pokemon, then we'll head over Accumula Town, where they'll be a huge announcement from Alder." Juniper told the trio. "I suppose it would be best to train a bit more." Cheren said, he went to the tall grass to battle some Pokemon, Bianca followed after him. "Alright, let's- AGH!" Azure yelped as he gets rammed by a very energetic Lillipup. The Lillipup sniffed him, but he quickly jolted back up. "H-hey! Watch it!" He hissed at the dog Pokemon. "Sorry mister, didn't see you there!" The Lillipup barked, he looked nervous and wimpered, "You're not mad, are you?". "No, no, I'm not mad that you bumped into me, just surprised." Azure said, brushing off the grass. "Do you have a name?" "Name? No, I don't think I have one..." The Lillipup replied, but then he zoomed around Azure enthusiastically and asked, "Hey! Can you give me a name, please, please!" "Alright, alright! Easy!" Azure yelled at the Lillipup, he notice how energetic and lively he is, and had an idea. "Maybe something like... Sparky?" Sparky Lillipup Male Lonely Nature Highly persistent Pickup "Sparky?" The Lillipup parroted, but his eyes gleamed with excitement and he howled "I LOVE IT!". "Great!" Azure smiled, he wasn't very good with names, but the Lillipup seemed to appreciate it. "Hey, want to train with me? I'm trying to become the League Champion of Unova!" He asked Sparky. "I'd love to!" Sparky happily barked, he excitedly pushed Azure into the tall grass. "Come on, let's go!" Azure, along with his brand new friend Sparky, trained in Route 1 along with Bianca and Cheren, this is the start of a brand new adventure in Unova.
Chapter Trio - Part 2
An Announcement
"Well, here it is!" After an hour of training, Professor Juniper lead them to Accumula Town, she showed them the Pokemon Center and how it and the center's mart works. As the afternoon came, the group slept in the Pokemon Center. The next morning, winter came and the breeze became a bit colder. Professor Juniper and her group left the center. "Alright, Alder will appear soon to introduce everyone to the Pokemon League challenge, I'm going to head back and continue with my research. It's probably best that you stay here and wait for Alder to arrive." Juniper told them, she headed back to Nuvema Town, leaving Azure, Sparky, Bianca and Cheren in Accumula Town. After an hour of time wasting and exploring the town, a crowd forms in the center of the town. "Looks like it's finally time." Cheren said, heading over to the crowd, the rest of them followed. Two Gurdurr push a TV screen to the center of the town, one of the Gurdurr push a button on the side of the screen and a Volcarona appears appears inside the screen. The Volcarona bows and said, "Greetings, challengers, and welcome to the yearly Pokemon League challenge! I am Alder, the Champion of Unova's Pokemon League! I'm sure you are all as excited as I am, after all, you'll be facing me at the Pokemon League!" Alder let out a hearty laugh and continued with his speech. "Now, for those who don't understand how this works, you'll be going from town to city facing the 8 Gyms of the Unova region. Once you've beaten all 8 gyms and gotten all of the badges, you must head to Victory Road near Ocelucid City." Alder moved one side of the screen and showed a map of the Unova region, with the badges pinpointed in certain areas of the map. Just as the map disappeared, he flew back to the center of the screen. All of a sudden the screen started to glitch, several Pokemon from the crowd were confused, instead of a Volcarona on the screen, there was a Hydreigon. "My apologies for interrupting your little gathering, but I've come here for an announcement of my own." The Hydreigon smirked, giving the crowd of Pokemon a small bow. "My name is Ghetsis, I'm here representing Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about the dangers of your little challenge." The crowd started talking among themselves, asking if anyone knew this 'Ghetsis' guy or a team called 'Team Plasma'. Some thought it might just be some silly prank the Unova League is pulling. The Hydreigon continued, "I'm sure most of you believe this challenge is a way for Pokemon to come together and challenge each other for 'fun', but, is that really the truth? Have you consider that we Pokemon... only assume this is the truth?" He asked, the crowd remained silent. "Journeying from city to town can be rather dangerous, right? And you'll never know if you'll run into a Pokemon that could be way beyond your power, what will happen then? What will happen if you can't get away from that Pokemon?" "I-I don't want to go against that..." One from the crowd muttered. "I didn't think about that..." Another one added. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, exploring a region full of danger can lead to injury and even death, there are some things better off not risking. Tell me, what is our responsibility towards something so deadly?" Ghetsis asked, the crowd started talking among themselves again, some were too scared to do the challenge now. "That's right! We must give up on the challenge! Then, and only then the Pokemon League will realize their mistake. Everyone, I end my words here by imploring you to consider your participation to the challenge... and the correct way to proceed. We sincerely appreciate your attention." Ghetsis finished, the screen glitched back to Alder, who was completely bewildered by the announcement. "It... looked like we had some technical difficulties for a while, but don't take whatever was said to heart, we'll try to sort it out!" Alder informed them, trying to calm the crowd down. "Anyway! Your first gym is in Striaton City, good luck everyone, and I'll meet you at the Pokemon League!" Alder finished, the screen switched off and the Gurdurr carried the screen away. "What should we do? Should we do the challenge or..." "Give up on the challenge?! I'd never do that!" The crowd eventually disappeared, leaving only Azure, Sparky, Cheren and a Zorua. "That annoucement sure was weird, I don't think that was planned by Alder." Azure said. "Yeah, but I'm not gonna take what that silly dragon said to heart!" Sparky huffed bravely, Azure nodded, maybe Sparky is right, maybe he shouldn't worry about it. "You certainly do trust your partner, do you?" A voice spoke out, the group turned to see a Zorua with a Purrloin next to him "Slow down. You talk too fast." Cheren sternly told the Zorua. "Azure just befriended Sparky, so of course they would trust each other." "Oh, I can see that they trust each other, I can already see that these two are good friends." The Zorua smiled, he placed a paw out and shook Azure's paw. "My name is N." Azure is confused by this mysterious Zorua, why is he so interested in Azure? He shrugged it off and shook N's hand. "I'm Azure, and these two are Cheren and Sparky. I'm trying to become the next Champion in the Pokemon League." "The Pokemon League, eh? So... You'll need lots of friends to accomplish that, then. I've joined the League challenge, too, but I can't help wondering... Can you really be happy that way?" N asked, he turned to the Purrloin beside him, the Purrloin nodded and stood on all fours, getting ready to fight. "Let's see how good you are in battle." N said, motioning with his paw for the Purrloin to attack. "Alright then, N, let's go!" Azure shouted, the Purrloin growled at Azure, lowering his attack, Azure lowered Purrloin's defense by using Tail Whip. Purrloin leaped at Azure and started to scratch him, while Azure countered with a Tackle. They repeated this until Purrloin fell onto the ground. N walked over to the purple feline and helped her get back up. "Don't worry, Cleo, you did your best." He smiled at the injured Purrloin. He turned to the group and said, "As long as this Pokemon League still exists, Pokemon will never become perfect beings. I have to change the world for Pokemon, for my friends." N walked off, Cleo followed him. "Huh... strange guy." Cheren muttered, watching them walk off. He turned to Azure and said, "But I'm not going to worry about it. Battling helps us become more experienced! I'm going on ahead. We're supposed to go to Striaton City for the first gym." As Cheren headed to Striaton, Azure and Sparky went to Route 2 to train a bit more, a Patrat watches them from a distance. She notices Sparky and let out a nervous squeak, she took a deep breath and carefully walked toward them, although not too close so the Lillipup wouldn't leap at her. Azure noticed the Patrat and walked up to her carefully. "Hey, it's alright, Sparky won't bite, well, he would probably run into you, but he won't bite." Azure said, Sparky came up and licked the rodent's face, Azure held a paw out. "I'm Azure, nice to meet you!" The Patrat's fears faded and she smiled, she shook Azure paw and introduced herself. "I'm Flower, pleased to meet you!" Flower Patrat Female Careful Nature A little quick-tempered Keen Eye "Actually, I've been looking for someone to help a friend of mine in Striaton City, I've asked everyone else but they were too busy, can you help?" Flower pleaded. "Sure! Actually, we're on our way there now! Want to come with us?" Azure said. Flower cheered and exclaimed, "Yes! Thank you, you won't regret it!" Azure and Sparky, along with Flower, ventured through Route 2, fighting some Pokemon along the way, they got to the end of the route and met up with Bianca, so they had a small battle with her. "You sure are tough, Azure, but I'm going to work hard on training with my team so we won't lose anymore!" Bianca proudly declared. She could hear some panicked noises from Striaton City. "What's going on over there?" She asked. The group went over to see a Audino carrying a very badly injured Patrat, the Patrat was covered in scratches, revealing some blood from where the marks are, there are also places where the Patrat has been burnt. A Purrloin stands beside him, completely freaking out that his partner is badly injured. Azure walked over to Cheren, who was watching the injured Pokemon be carried into a Pokemon Center. "Hey, what happened?" Azure asked. "Apparently those two faced the gym in this city, someone said that they beat the gym, but the Gym Leaders dealt some serious damage to one of them, I don't know why they would severely damage someone, something's not right." Cheren suspected, he turned to the school and said, "I'm going to learn some things before I try out the Gym, you better get ready as well." "I'm going to train a bit more in Route 2..." Bianca stammered, a bit scared of situation, she wandered off with her team. The team watched the small crowd disappear from the scene, Flower turned to the team and told them, "Striaton's gym has three Gym Leaders, Cilan, a Pansage, Chili, a Pansear and Cress, a Panpour, they have this special challenge for starter Pokemon that makes them switch to a leader that is strong against the starter in question. You're a water type, Azure, which means we'll be up against the Pansage, Cilan!" "So, we'll need to defeat Cilan!?" Azure exclaimed in shock, this challenge is going to be harder than he thought, he then asked Flower, "You said you have a friend, right Flower? We could use some experience before facing the gym, do you know where they are?" Flower's eyes glowed with happiness. "Oh, yes, my friend! He could help us with the gym battle!" She ran to the east to a forest opening, "He's right this way, come on!" Azure and Sparky followed her into the opening and into the Dreamyard.

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