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SpøøkyÅsh's AvatarSpøøkyÅsh
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A strange looking Mimikyu was following what seemed to be a trainer, entering the park. The trainer said something to the Mimikyu, and patted it on the head and walked away. The Mimikyu looked around, observing all the other Pokemon around it, almost seeming nervous through it's disguise. It wandered to a shadow cast by a bush, "sitting" in the shadow by just sort of scrunching up in the rags covering it, accidentally dropping it's chipped wooden "tail" and picking it back up to hold it in place under the rag again. (https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/2572/Character-list/post/6674250)
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At the same time, an Eevee shot into the park. She wasn't an ordinary Eevee, in fact she was Melanistic, and when she gazed around the park she revealed huge golden eyes. She squeaked in fear and shot under a bush, but she didn't quite fit so the tip of her fluffy little tail was visible.
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Dogmage999's AvatarDogmage999
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Pepper gathered up the berries and darted away for a while.
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