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June had just curled up on a warm rock when she felt a tap on her left shoulder. "Who is it?" she asked softly. "It's only me June!" A reconizable voice responded "Oh! Hello Lucky, i thought you went to get some water!" "Yes I was going to, but I felt so guilty about leaving you on your own, I just had to come back and-" "Never mind, just let me sleep now..." June said as she yawned.
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(character list here! https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/5543999) Shira looked down at the sleeping Ninetales beside him, and back up at the sunrise. I should probably wake her up... he thought. "Lost in a daydream, Shira?" Kaiketsu teased. "Be quiet, I was just thinking about waking her up," Shira hissed back. "Hmmm? Oh hi Shira!" Mirai yawned. "We should go get food!" "There's a cafe just outside of the forest. The spirit said so," Youko said as she pointed to what looked like air to them. "Uh, sure..." Shira said, not really sure if he wanted to trust a ghost. "Yay!!! Let's go!" Mirai yelled, dashing into the forest. "H-hey! Wait for us, baka!" Shira yelled, chasing after her. Youko and Kaiketsu looked at each other and shrugged, following the two.

Pages: 123··· 228229230

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