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Um, bump?
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Aria pushed herself along the path leading into the Pokepark, "So, hmm, where should I go?" she sighed, "Wait? I recognise those...! Mmmmm, they smell SO good, I'll go get grab one," Aria smiled as she noticed a Malasada stand, nearby she had also noticed an Eevee. "I guess I can try to make friends a little too." Aria mumbled to herself as she went over to the Malasada stand.
Stuff I'm after: An Ice Fang, any Maravol pattern I don't have, a shiny charm box, some shiny charms, Darecare passes or any currencies. "For the buds we regard in their coats of palest pink, In sweet memoriam, bloom as black as ink."
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Munchy was napping under a nearby tree (as Munchlax do sometimes) until the smell of Malasadas reach his nose. He woke up and jumped to his feet, pushing his hat back onto his head properly. "Mmmm. I'm hungry again. Let's see, Malasadas sound good." He said, running over and getting in line. He was thinking about ordering 6, but 7 was a nice number. He liked 7.
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Lila had only just arrived in Pokepark, and had got into a rough situation. Somehow, she had got her tail wedged under a rock. "Erm... hey, could I get some help? Kinda got my tail stuck under a rock here!" She was overall confused and (apparently) not smart enough to use her vines to just lift it.
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Vio Had only just entered into the park to get some fresh air for the day. after a bit of a raspy cough that sounded more like an elder than a charmander such as himself, was composed he found himself overhearing a plea for help. He couldn't help but aid to the call, after all what if he was in the same situation? So he came upon Lila who was wedged stuck, noticing this he sprung to action by sharpening his claws to be metalic and sheen. Then with a jab he tried to break the rocks but the claws bounced back. Feeling a bit miffed he then looked to her and said. "Heya, so uh look I don't wanna hurt you just help but i may gotta use a stronger attack to get these things out of the way for you. Might need to brace yourself if you can." He warned begining already to charge up for his next attack which seemed to be dragon like in apperance.
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*Albino Raichu helps the Vulpix(Lila) out by using iron tail on the rock* Are you ok? You gotta be careful!. How that happen?" "Well, suspose it doesnt matter. Just try to be careful next time ^_^' *Walks off* Also, I apprdciate you trying to help out a fellow pokemon!
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//is it too late for me to join this?
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(honestly, the thread may be deleted soon... but ill join anyway) (characters here: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/2572/Character-list/post/5372540...) It was Late afternoon when a group of three Thuggish looking pokemon entered the park, And many pokemon stopped to look. A group of oddish ran off crying, looking for a place to hide. This was the vibe the three gave off, like they wanted to be left alone, but also wanted to fight. They made their way to an old building, once a storage room, and went inside. moments later, two of them exited. Takashi: "See, Boss... Told ya Sao and i found a good place. Nightshade: "Yes, Taka, you did a good job..." <It will make a fine base> The third pokemon, A pangoro, Replied to her thought, as if he had heard it... which indeed he had. Saotome: "Glad you like it, kid. So, Should we start Working, or recruiting? "Both."

Read this please


funny skit

a bibarel was sitting by a river dam, when suddenly, a wild giratina appeared, saying "I AM GIRATINA< LORD OF THE DAMNED!" the bibarel proceeded to destroy the nearby floodgate, then shouted "HA! Now you have no power here, as the river is no longer dammed!"... HAH!
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Vulcan stalked into the park, calm and quiet, and simply sat away from the other pokemon on the grass to read his book. He kept silently glancing to the other pokemon, keeping his eye on the more suspicious looking ones. Though he kept to himself, not wanting to stirr trouble, and only having come here to get some peace and quiet for a few hours.
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"Ow!" Munchy said, tripping over his own feet as he ran around the park. "My hat!" was his only concern as he crawled over and hugged the hat to his chest, rapidly looking around as though someone was gonna steal it. As he stood up, a cookie fell out of his fur onto the ground at his feet, catching his attention "don't mind if I do" he said, grabbing the cookie and stuffing it into his mouth.

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