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Um, bump?
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Aria pushed herself along the path leading into the Pokepark, "So, hmm, where should I go?" she sighed, "Wait? I recognise those...! Mmmmm, they smell SO good, I'll go get grab one," Aria smiled as she noticed a Malasada stand, nearby she had also noticed an Eevee. "I guess I can try to make friends a little too." Aria mumbled to herself as she went over to the Malasada stand.
Stuff I'm after: An Ice Fang, any Vivillon or Maravol pattern I don't have, a shiny charm box, some shiny charms, Darecare passes or any currencies. "For the buds we regard in their coats of palest pink, In sweet memoriam, bloom as black as ink."
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Munchy was napping under a nearby tree (as Munchlax do sometimes) until the smell of Malasadas reach his nose. He woke up and jumped to his feet, pushing his hat back onto his head properly. "Mmmm. I'm hungry again. Let's see, Malasadas sound good." He said, running over and getting in line. He was thinking about ordering 6, but 7 was a nice number. He liked 7.
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Lila had only just arrived in Pokepark, and had got into a rough situation. Somehow, she had got her tail wedged under a rock. "Erm... hey, could I get some help? Kinda got my tail stuck under a rock here!" She was overall confused and (apparently) not smart enough to use her vines to just lift it.
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Pages: 123··· 227228229

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