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Raksha's AvatarRaksha
Raksha's Avatar
Vinny peeped one of his eyes open to look up at the tree. Did he just hear a voice from there..? His gaze was met with a colorful bunch of feathers, stuck in a gap in the tree. Immediately the small bug sprung up and flapped up to the other Pokémon. “Oh! Sorry! The wind was just too strong, you know? I was going like bzzzooomm, then the wind came like whoooshh, and I just went nyewwww and bam! You ok?”
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Creme and Wisp walked into the PokePark- Wisp hid behind Creme. "Stop being a scaredy-Skitty! Nobody is gonna make-" Creme looked over to a nearby tree. "-...Huh? Is there someone stuck in the branch?" Creme walked over to the tree, Wisp following her. "Hello! Are you stuck?!"
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Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
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Spying the three Pokemon around him, Hishori reluctantly spoke up. "Uh, what do you think? Only reason I landed myself in thi mishap is this Cutiefly here accidentally crashed into this tree...can I get some help here?"
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Creme looked at Wisp. "Well.. if I climb the tree, I might burn it down-" "-No. Creme, I cant climb. Dont." Awkward silence. "...Do you think the Cutiefly could get 'em down?"
Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
Vulpix88's Avatar
Hishori looked at the Vulpix and Fennekin before looking at the Cutiefly. "I don't care how or who helps me, i just want to get down from here...all this stuff wears me out. If only i was like him...my hero." He stares at the canopy above him, dappled sunlight flowing on his neckerchief with a gentle light. What he wore was a red neckerchief and a purple cape with a white donut shape, of which seemed very familar... lol guess the video game character Edit: By hero i mean this


Raksha's AvatarRaksha
Raksha's Avatar
Finny stares at the Pokémon, and the others that joined the group. “Ohh, a hero? Heroes are so cool. I have a few of my own too! But first, I’ll be your hero!” With his tiny legs he grabbed onto one of his arms and flapped his insect wings with full power. He may have just been a bug, but Finny had more wingpower than most members of his species. Slowly, he started getting the other Pokémon out...
Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
Vulpix88's Avatar
It seemed the Cutiefly was pulling with all he had, as Hishori slipped out of his wood prison, accidentally crashing into the onlookers who came to help him. "Sorry! I have a record of slipping like that...and by my hero, i meant this guy;

Hishori's Hero

He just seems like a likeable character. Anyway, i'm gonna go to the lakeside..a safer place to relax." Hishori only looked back with a smirk, thankful for his rescue.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
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Kakashi didn't know what the heck was going on,and just walked on down to a bacon stand,and tried to order bacon with Credits he had been given by people who loved his effort to save his home town.The guy working there said,"No paying with PokeFarm money.We pay with berries.If ya don't have any berries,you ain't gettin bacon.10 berries per piece of bacon."Kakashi left to go find berries,before Kakashi starved.
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Creme realized that, she and Wisp had just gotten... crushed, I guess? They were fine, but they were startled when the Hawlucha fell... And they actually didn't really expect the Cutiefly to be able to do that. ... Wisp walked up to Vinny. "Hey, uh, what you did was pretty cool!.. And those are some nice goggles." Creme had fallen asleep under the tree (far enough away, because she's aware she can burn the tree.), and so she wasn't paying attention.
Silkywày55's AvatarSilkywày55
Silkywày55's Avatar
Lillie and Silky walked into the pokepark. "Mm, Lillie, Imma head to that malasada stand. We will meet near that gardevoir ok?" Silky pointed to a normal gardevoir at the corner. Lillie stared. It was her final evolution. And she was level 21 alreacy! "Ok, see you then." illie replied. She went to a bench to sit and eat a pokepuff. She was just staring at the gardevoir.
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