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Mewie's AvatarMewie
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When Togi was flying around, she noticed a Lucario and Grovyle. "Hm, who are they?" - she asked herself and followed two Pokemon. *Trying to RP with DrakeonPlayz*
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Dusk was wandering around, looking for other pokemon. He had been doing this for a while, and had been quite lonely. He spotted a Togekiss in the sky, and headed over to see what was going on.
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Mewie's AvatarMewie
Mewie's Avatar
Elisse saw Lycanroc. She looked at him, even though her expression did not change, she looked with surprise. It seems she did not see him before in the park.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Kakashi just stumbled in ranomly,eating bacon.Kakashi ate all the bacon and said,"Aww,it's all gone already!I hope there is a bacon stand here!"This was a place to unite with other Pokemon,and with some coincidence,saw a familiar face.
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Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
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CuteWeedle's AvatarCuteWeedle
CuteWeedle's Avatar
Meanwhile""An odd looking raichu wanders around looking at all of the pokemon at the park." "Hm. This is paradise! I love it!"
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Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
Vulpix88's Avatar
Hishori was curious to where he was. A vast, open land filled with Pokemon and a sign; Welcome To Pokepark Hishori wasn't in a talking mood. He was only confused of where he was, but a nice-looking tree was in front of him.He shrugs and climbs it, not finding any berries but a sun-dappled branch.It looked safe and sturdy, so he sat on the warm branch that overlooked all the other Pokemon, hoping somebody would take notice and talk to him. @Anybody who's bothered
Thanks to everybody who clicks me! Please join my new rp.https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/221868/Delmont-League-A-Trainer-RP-Open
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Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Kakashi saw Hiroshi and said,"Hey."Kakashi asked where there was a bacon stand,and decided to give Hiroshi some berries.
Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
Vulpix88's Avatar
Hishori nearly never noticed the Lucario offering Berries, as he was zoned into a relaxed trance. "Pyuh...oh, thanks. I...want to be alone. I was at home, next thing I know i'm here. I...might hang later." He clumb up to a shadier, more enclosed space to eat his berries...still wondering what on earth happened to him, and where his Trainer was.
Raksha's AvatarRaksha
Raksha's Avatar
Vinny buzzed around the area with a fast pace. His wings flapped with all their might, his signature goggles resting on his snout. The Cutiefly was attempting to break his personal record, where he would lay out his own parkour and try to fly the route as fast as possible. But today wasn’t his lucky day. A sudden gust of wind caught him off guard and his tiny wings couldn’t handle the blow. Soon the small bug twirled around in the air before he smacked into a tree and fell into the grass. “Owww...”
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Timid nature
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Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
Vulpix88's Avatar
(sandwich post apology) Well...Hishori's peace was short-lived. What seemed to be a Cutiefly had crashed full speed into the tree he was in, causing him to fall halfway down, leaving him stuck in the small gap. Despite not wanting to talk, he uttered with a nervous voice;"Uh...help? Please?" He saw the Cutiefly down below him, dazed and in pain. "Uh...seems we both got in a rough situation, huh?"

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