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Archaeo's AvatarArchaeo
Archaeo's Avatar
Yee! made charssss


Name: Hibiscus Species: Lurantis Gender: female Wild Appearance: Normal Lurantis Notable characteristics: nope Moveset: Solar Blade Sunny Day Synthesis Slash


Species: Alcremie Species: Female Trained Appearance: Salted Cream Alcremie Notable characteristics: She has Rawst berries where her sweets would be. She also has a "topping" of Sky Gummi pieces on her lower body Moveset: Fake Tears Recover Dazzling Gleam Draining Kiss


Species: Jolteon Gender: Male Appearance: Just a normal Jolteon Notable characteristics: None Moveset: Thunderbolt Pin Missle Swift Thunderwave
Avatar made by: Galladerox
ThyGengar's AvatarThyGengar
ThyGengar's Avatar
Ghostish Blades Species: Aegislash (if that's not allowed, then the species will be Gengar and the name will be... Well it won't have a name. Just refer it by Gengar.) Gender: Male Appearance: Very, very rundown Aegislash. Notable characteristics: Can be either sword or shield forme (if that's banned, then it's gonna be sword forme.)
JaceBlep's AvatarJaceBlep
JaceBlep's Avatar


Species: Vulpix Gender: Male Trainer: Wild Appearance: Albino Kanto-style Vulpix Notable characteristics: smaller than average

Pages: 123··· 383940

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