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Species: Eevee Moves: Swift, double hit, quick attack, hyper beam Personality: Curious Gender: Female


Species: Kirlia Moves: Physic, confusion, physbeam, hyper release Personality: naíve Gender: female
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Username: VictoriusVictini Character: Ebritam (or Eb or Ebri) the Melan Medicham Level: 32 Ability: Pure Power Appearance: Nothing special...just a regular Melan Medicham. Personality: Kind, caring, willing to help anyone in need. He’s shy and keeps to himself, he has no friends. He’s afraid of ice (like “will scream and runaway like his life’s in danger” afraid). Anything else is okay for him. Species: Medicham Held Item: Twisted Spoon Moveset: Cosmic Power Aura Sphere Light Screen Bullet Punch Gender: Male Backstory? (optional): He grew up in Alola on Poni Island and the moved to Lumiose City. His mother and father died when he was a child, so he’s not very good at making friends... Other: None.
This Pokémon brings victory. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter.
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Previously DuskmaneNecomza!
sig by etherea | avatar and sig is official victini art
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Name: Meeikou Species: Phantump Gender: Female Appearance: A shiny Phantump which still retains some traits from her previous life, when she was a Meowth. Instead of having a wispy body with stubby arms, she has a biped and tailed form with paws. Personality: Meeikou is certainly a strange little 'mon, whose intelligence is often shrouded by an eccentric and absent-minded exterior. Hobbies include creating nick-nacks, wandering aimlessly, digging through trash, and watching strangers with a thousand-yard stare. Moveset: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Giga Drain


Name: Banefiir Species: Armaldo Gender: Female Appearance: A melan Armaldo with a long scar across her neck. Her claws are bigger than average, as is her entire body, as well; she stands at around 5'09 feet. Personality: Crooned of brow and sharp of claws, Banefiir's nature is often misunderstood to be cold and calculating. Not to say that isn't entirely true; the former outlaw has abit of a temper. Moveset: X-Scissor, Rock Slide, Aqua Tail, Cross Poison
selocon's Avatarselocon
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Name: Munchy Species: Munchlax Gender: Male Appearance: A regular Munchlax. However Munchy is never seen without his Fedora. The hat is one of his most prized posessions, and he will resort to fighting if someone steals it. Personality: Ever hungry, Munchy tends to be slightly greedy about his food, but he has a big heart under all that fur. If he sees someone who needs it more than he does, he'll share food with others. Moves: Rollout, Metronome, Last Resort, Defense Curl
Avatar by the best lizard ever, Bananalizard #stand with EMS
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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Name: Lila Species: Snivy Gender: Female Trainer: Apparently has one, a young girl named Eliza. Appearance: Just look at my avatar! Known Items: No, apart from the quilt she carries. Personality: Shy but trusting. Has a strong desire to sleep all the time. Level: 8 Moves: Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip.
SophiaDaSofa's AvatarSophiaDaSofa
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Mimikyu species:mimikyu gender:female trainer: N/A appearance:just your regular mimikyu. nature: quiet personality:she’s a quiet mimikyu, and tends to stay alone. She’s an introvert, really. moveset:tackle, scratch, slash, baby doll eyes Appearance made by the creator of Mimikyu, i guess. (I’m a newbie, i know, I’m not good with this stuff, sorry- and no, I’m not a baby boomer-)
Geminial's AvatarGeminial
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Name: Pisces Species: Vaporeon Gender: Male Trainer: None, wild Appearance: Smaller than usual, with very large deep blue eyes, otherwise just a normal Vaporeon Item: Carries around the Water Stone that he evolved with Personality: Kind of lazy but super interested in everything, and has a very good memory, which he puts to use often. He’s always willing to help others. Level: 21 Moves: (Working on it) Favorite flavor: Spicy Least favorite flavor: Dry
Profile pic made by me <3
Name:Siku Species:ninetails Gender:male Trainer:none Appearance:blue for some reason yet still looks like a ninetails oddly big.
Mmm wurmple
Painted94's AvatarPainted94
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Name: Vio Nature: Brave Gender: Male Pokémon: Charmander (albino) Moveset: Ember Dragon rush Metal Claw Smokescreen
image is made by me, based around an old oc story from deviantart i made. btw he has pokerus but it's actually a virus and not a stat boost so yep that oughta make for an interesting rp one day! btw idk if i need to post here i just wanna rp sometime, not looking for pms just like forum replies so here's hoping!
Name: Blue Species: Vaporeen (Vaporeon/Goldeen Mix) Gender: Female Trainer: A 15-year-old girl named Skylar. Appearance: Item: Wears a necklace with a water stone. Personality: Blue is very sassy, always the center of attention, dramatic, stubborn, a little spoiled, and always tried to have a good time. Level: 27 Moves: Scald, Hydro Cannon, Surf, Water Pulse Favorite flavor: Sweet Least favorite flavor: Sour Name: Blade Species: Serperior (shiny) Gender: Male Trainer: Skylar Appearance: Item: None Personality: Cold and a little mean, kinda rude, stubborn, tired, can be aggressive. Level: 39 Moves: Giga Drain, Grass Pledge, Leaf Storm, Solar Beam Favorite flavor: Spicy Least favorite flavor: Sweet

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