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Species: Lycanroc Gender: Male Trainer -- Abandoned Appearance: Dusk Form Notable characteristics: For whatever reason, he always carries around A Lycanium Z, despite not being able to use it without a trainer
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
Shadow Pokemon:Zorua Moves: Iron tail Bite faint attack secret power Pesonalitty: Is mostly serious but can take a joke likes to fight gets angry easliy Age:12 is curentally married to a vulpix has a son that is a poochyena
Vulpix88's AvatarVulpix88
Vulpix88's Avatar
Hishori Breed:Hawlucha Trainer-me appearance- got a loose red neckerchief and a oddly familiar purple cape with a white donut shaoe. Past- Caught by me, Hishori showed a strong sense for adventure, so i let him explore alone anywhere he wishes. RETIRED
Just a Vulpix fan here with a happy spriting life!
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Gif.
Psst hey nice OC Vulpix88
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
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Species:Lucario Gender:Male Level:25 Trainer-Wild Appearence:A normal Lucario,but with aqua blue eyes instead of red eyes. Notable Characteristics:Kakashi seems to have plenty of determination,with a red aura sphere instead of a blue aura sphere. Moveset:Aura Sphere,Dragon Pulse,Dark Pulse,Psybeam


As a young Riolu,Kakashi loved to train.That was because as a child,he only had one friend,a young Eevee named Sylvia.Soon though,Kakashi evolved into Lucario,and Sylvia evolved into a Sylveon.Sadly,Sylvia was taken away by humans with strange outfits.They say that the people who took Sylvia worked for Giratina,and was giving Giratina a snack.Kakashi was tramutized by this.Kakashi trained and trained,hoping to save Sylvia eventually.
Wanting:Ice/Flying Gems of any Size
Needing 140 Ice
Needing 140 Flying
Shiny Articuno Hunt
All non-shiny Articuno are UFT I hatch!

Price:100k cr/100gp/30zc Each

Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
BACON PARTYYY!!! *sighs*COME THE HECK ON! Welp,gonna get me some- Nope.
Featured Story
Made by WinterFoxxo
CuteWeedle's AvatarCuteWeedle
CuteWeedle's Avatar
Species: Raichu Gender: Male Trainer -- Wild Appearance: Albino, White, with an electric aura surrounding it. Notable characteristics: He loves to talk and loves the rain!
Avatar made by Aust for MY USE ONLY! Collecting Zophian Canisters (ZC) for Charms! Looking for Solgaleo and Lunala for UB Hunting!

Pages: 123··· 353637

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