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Species: Lycanroc Gender: Male Trainer -- Abandoned Appearance: Dusk Form Notable characteristics: For whatever reason, he always carries around A Lycanium Z, despite not being able to use it without a trainer
*Mega Lucario sprite made by PFQ
Shadow Pokemon:Zorua Moves: Iron tail Bite faint attack secret power Pesonalitty: Is mostly serious but can take a joke likes to fight gets angry easliy Age:12 is curentally married to a vulpix has a son that is a poochyena
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Hishori Breed:Hawlucha Trainer-me appearance- got a loose red neckerchief and a oddly familiar purple cape with a white donut shape. Past- Caught by me, Hishori showed a strong sense for adventure, so i let him explore alone anywhere he wishes.
Silky is my character. Don't try stealing her! I'm SnivyQueen15, a RP junkie! I can give great tips on making them! Here’s a hot new RP!
Psst hey nice OC Vulpix88
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
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Species:Lucario Gender:Male Level:25 Trainer-Wild Appearence:A normal Lucario,but with aqua blue eyes instead of red eyes. Notable Characteristics:Kakashi seems to have plenty of determination,with a red aura sphere instead of a blue aura sphere. Moveset:Aura Sphere,Dragon Pulse,Dark Pulse,Psybeam


As a young Riolu,Kakashi loved to train.That was because as a child,he only had one friend,a young Eevee named Sylvia.Soon though,Kakashi evolved into Lucario,and Sylvia evolved into a Sylveon.Sadly,Sylvia was taken away by humans with strange outfits.They say that the people who took Sylvia worked for Giratina,and was giving Giratina a snack.Kakashi was tramutized by this.Kakashi trained and trained,hoping to save Sylvia eventually.
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All non-shiny Articuno are UFT I hatch!

Price:100k cr/100gp/30zc Each

Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
BACON PARTYYY!!! Featured Story
CuteWeedle's AvatarCuteWeedle
CuteWeedle's Avatar
Species: Raichu Gender: Male Trainer -- Wild Appearance: Albino, White, with an electric aura surrounding it. Notable characteristics: He loves to talk and loves the rain!
Avatar made by Aust for MY USE ONLY! electronic coin flip Collecting Death Wings


Species: Popplio. Gender: Female. Trainer/wild?: Wild. Appearance: Larger than average. Moves: Aqua Jet, Icy Wind, Baby-doll Eyes and Disarming Voice.
Stuff I'm after: An Ice Fang, River pattern Vivillon, any Maravol pattern I don't have, a shiny charm box, some shiny charms, Darecare passes or any currencies (mainly ZC). "For the buds we regard in their coats of palest pink, In sweet memoriam, bloom as black as ink."
Lyrics from this song.
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove. Art by PrincessPika.


(Species) ALBINO Fennekin (Gender) Female (Trainer) Lilo (Nature) Jolly (Moves) Scratch - Ember - Tail Whip - Flame Charge ~ Shes 'probably' the happiest Fennekin. She brought her and her BFF -Wisp- to the PokePark with her trainers permission. Other than that... Shes normal.


(Species) SHINY Alola Vulpix (Gender) Female (Trainer) Lilo (Nature) Jolly (Moves) Tail Whip - Powder Snow - Ice Shard - Baby Doll Eyes ~ Sometimes shy, she tries to keep away from strangers and Creme usually has to get her to speak. Shes also NOT a battler.
| "...Y'know, we're all baby." | | GIF is of Kris from Deltarune (Toby Fox). |
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
Species -Cincinno Name -Nylah Gender -Female Moves - Tail Slap, Sing, Charm, Swift. Characteristic -A bit on the shy side with a tendency to use Tail Slap in her sleep. Also quite independent, but untrusting to others.
Raksha's AvatarRaksha
Raksha's Avatar


Name: Vinny Nickname: Goggles, Vincent van Goggles Pokémon: Shiny Cutiefly Gender: Male Characteristics: Playful, hyperactive, outgoing, extroverted, unfocused, impatient, helpful, can be a bit selfish Vinny is a Cutiefly who likes to go fast. He got his nickname from the set of goggles he is never seen without, and most of his friends refer to him by his nickname. He is a lot faster than the average Cutiefly, but can’t outmatch the big boys quite yet. His goal is to become a famous and beloved celebrity through his speed. He doesn’t appreciate attention to his unusual color instead of his abilities.
Lv. 81 — 4,484 / 19,927
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 27%
Timid nature
Made by popcorn8784

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