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Make sure you've read the rules thread first! Post your characters here. Bookmark your post, and link to it whenever you start posting in the Main thread, to help others find out who they are interacting with. For consistency, try to follow the pattern of my character form, but feel free to adjust as needed. You may have as many characters as you can keep track of. If a character of yours leaves PokéPark, please don't delete it! Instead, tag it as [retired] so people can still see who it was.
I'll begin with this character:


Species: Delphox Gender: Male Trainer -- Wild Appearance: Nothing special - normal Delphox. Notable characteristics: He's left-handed, keeping his wand-stick in his right arm's fluff.
Clip from Pokémon anime, re-lined by me
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Species: Gardevoir Gender: Female Moves: Shadow Ball - Psychic - Moonblast - Confuse Ray Wild - Pokemon Appearance: Shiny Notable characteristics: A scar over her back just below her dress line, dont ask, really....

history-little aggressive

Nix was born a shiny to a gardevoir and gallade, and it seemed worked out well. Her father trainer her up quickly and nix found she loved to battle, though she was about 5 years old when her sister was born. Her sister was another normal ralts and the pair got on wonderfully, nix took to looking after Mimi while her parents would look for food. Nix found herself evolving to a kirlia while teaching her sister to battle one day which made both her parents most proud of her. Though the girl was taunted a lot should she step in to the forest for her color made her unpopular. Nix was 11 when the hunters came. Her family were rounded up quickly due to the use of the humans gengar, her parents didnt stand a chance. Though upon seeing a shiny pokemon, the hunter changed his aims and decided he would sell the family separably, something nix and her father took to badly. The gallade attacked the human while nix was told to flee by her mother, the girl didnt have a choice and ran off leaving her family behind. They could be safe together, she didnt stand a chance. She stumbled in to the forest and was faced off by a few pokemon dislikng of her color and had no choice but to battle them to keep herself safe. This lead her to evolve again and the girl has been wandering the forest by herself ever since, some part of her still hoping t hear from her family
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Erin [retired

]Species: Goodra Gender: female Trainer --- Wild Appearance: Shiny Notable characteristics: wears a pink bow on her head
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Species- Mightyena Gender- Male Moves- crunch, sucker punch, take down, thief Appearance- he has a dark green line under his eyes and he wears a broken watch on his right arm (or paw, whatever you wanna call it) Notable characteristics- The dark green line under his eyes and of course, the watch!
(PM me if you wanna RP! I would love to!
I edited this on December 3, 2014 so i will still RP
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Species: Delcatty Gender: Female Trainer -- Wild Appearance: A normal Delcatty, really, but a pretty one at that. Her fur is glossy yet silky with an elegant, graceful look to her. Notable characteristics: Tessa can be seen proudly wearing contest ribbons pinned onto her fur. She shows them off whenever possible.
Teh-Kitsune's AvatarTeh-Kitsune
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Species: Manectric Gender: Male Moves: Rain Dance, Thunder, Wild Charge, Bite Ability: Lightning Rod Trainer --- Wild Appearance: Shiny Manectric Notable Characteristics: His left eye is blue while the right eye is red.
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bmeduho's Avatarbmeduho
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Species: Quilava Gender: Male Wild Appearance: Has Green eyes, otherwise a normal Quilava Notable characteristics: Has the Flash-Fire ability, so watch out! Also may not be completely sane/stable. Likes to smile and laugh alot.
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Species: Glaceon Gender: Female Trainer: Wild Appearance: A normal Glaceon, but she has a scar on the back of her front right leg. Notable characteristics: Has Ice Body ability, and has the scar on her front leg is a scratch-like mark near her ankle.
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Species: Gulpin Gender: Male Trainer -- Wild Appearance: Nothing special - normal Gulpin. Notable characteristics: He has a few moves gulpin normally don't have because he is a beauty contest pokemon. He does not like fighting because he doesn't want to worry his trainer. Moves: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Seed Bomb, and Water Pulse.
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Species: Growlithe Gender: Female Trainer -- Wild Appearance: Normal Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Bite, and Outrage Notable characteristics: Flash Fire ability

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