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GalaxyCat's AvatarGalaxyCat
GalaxyCat's Avatar
Hello~ I'm looking for Credits for my ZC. I follow the 1:5:5000 ratio, so 1zc would equal 5000cr (for those who struggle with ratios such as myself) Please post here and I'll send labeled trades. This is a first come, first serve. ZC= x0 (Auto updates)
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Hillo's AvatarHillo
Hillo's Avatar
Hi! Could I get 500ZC for 2500 GP?
EquinoxNinja's AvatarEquinoxNinja
EquinoxNinja's Avatar
hi can I get 100 zc for 500 gold?
Jasper22's AvatarJasper22
Jasper22's Avatar
Could I please get 500zc for 2500GP?
GalaxyCat's AvatarGalaxyCat
GalaxyCat's Avatar
All trades have been sent~
GalaxyCat's AvatarGalaxyCat
GalaxyCat's Avatar
Bumping~ Looking for credits for the remainder of my zc. I'm in desperate need of fields ;-;
ZC for the remainder?
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GalaxyCat's AvatarGalaxyCat
GalaxyCat's Avatar
The remainder of my zc would be 520k credits.
JolteonNinja's AvatarJolteonNinja
JolteonNinja's Avatar
9 zc for 45k?
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GalaxyCat's AvatarGalaxyCat
GalaxyCat's Avatar
Sorry, was awaiting a response from Silver. I'm out of zc now. I will lock the thread again until needed.

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