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Looking for Shelter Hunters!

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PinkPiggy1's AvatarPinkPiggy1
PinkPiggy1's Avatar
Hello! My friend recently sent out this baby Sobble named Harry (level 5, Male, Careful Nature) and I'd like to adopt it, but can't find it in the Shelter! I can offer something from my fields or some currency! Thank you so much! Thank you for looking, too! I'm sorry that I don't have much to offer at the moment, but I will give you something, just ask!
Gwinn's AvatarGwinn
Gwinn's Avatar
Since it was released today, you'll have to wait approx. three days until he appears in the Shelter. I'd personally suggest re-open this topic after three days.
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moodawdaw's Avatarmoodawdaw
moodawdaw's Avatar
ill be on the lookout for him!! :D
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Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
When has that been thing? Everything that's released by users is collectively released into the shelter at 15 minute intervals You should be able to find him now for at least the next 4 or so days in the shelter until he's auto deleted
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ShadowFox1317's AvatarShadowFox1317
ShadowFox1317's Avatar
Will keep an eye out for him!^^
ScarletRain's AvatarScarletRain
ScarletRain's Avatar
Yeah, I never heard about that wait time before... anyway I will be on the lookout too :D
Lockish's AvatarLockish
Lockish's Avatar
I can try to find em :D
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PinkPiggy1's AvatarPinkPiggy1
PinkPiggy1's Avatar
Oh my, thank you all for helping me look! I really appreciate your effort in helping me find this little guy! He's still in the shelter somewhere, and I hope that somebody finds him as soon as possible! Thank you, guys, for helping me out! I'll try and send each of you guys a gift in return! ❤
Godspeed's AvatarGodspeed
Godspeed's Avatar
I'll keep an eye open for him too while I'm in the shelter. Good luck on finding him!
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Foffle's AvatarFoffle
Foffle's Avatar
I'll be on the look out too!

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