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POLL: how reasonable are my commission prices? please be honest :')

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POLL: interested in icon adopt gachapon?

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POLL: for icon gachapon: what's an appropriate price?

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Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
☾ opened 3/25/2020 ☽ Hey, Trainer! Nice to meet you! My name’s Rylee, and I’m a trainer from the great region of Conia! a strange, pink bat pokemon perches on her shoulder. Oh, this is Roma! She’s a spritbat (noibat- Spritzee hybrid). I discovered her in the wild back in Kalos and we’ve been partners ever since. She’s also the mascot for this shop! ♥ I’m a shiny hunter, and on my travels i’ve found some pretty interesting pokemon, ones i don’t think anyone has seen before. I’ve been very lucky finding variants and hybrids in the wild. Since i’m a trainer myself, i can’t keep all of them! So i’m opening this shop in hopes to give the rare pokemon i’ve collected to new homes! please read all of the rules to this shop, and scroll down to see the pokemon who need loving homes! thanks for stopping by!

★ rules and faq ★ please read these rules before purchasing!

  • all pokefarm rules apply
  • please credit my toyhou.se!.
  • i will need your payment before i send your unwatermarked art over.
  • no refunds once purchased
  • please don't buy my art to resell it for a higher price.
  • feel free to make minor changes to any adoptables (like adding accessories/tweaking colors) but please leave the original art by me alone.
  • i reserve the right to decline any offers.
  • tips aren’t necessary but appreciated! ♥
Q: What are adoptables? Adoptables are character designs that you can use if you buy them. Q: How do egg adopts work? The egg’s appearance is a hint as to what the adoptable will look like. They will also have a mini description that will hint at what one of the types of the pokemon inside will be. Once you buy the egg, i’ll reveal the adoptable to you with without a watermark via PM.

payment methods

**Mostly looking for , or $USD** If you’d like to offer other payment methods, / mixed payments, here’s my values: 5,000 = 5 = 1 valued at market price if you need help converting currencies, i’d recommend this page. and of course, if you choose to pay in USD, i’ll message you the paypal info!

other places to find my art:

toyhou.se: rylee instagram: @pokerylee deviantart: pokerylee
  • adoptables
  • eggs
  • commissions
  • raffle
― adoptables ― after purchasing an adopt, i can send over the watermarkless png of your newly bought friend! ♥ pictures with more than one adopt will be removed from this page once all of them are purchased (hopefully as quickly as possible.)

LAST CHANCE adopts - $5 or less

Here are some lone rangers that are left from adopt batches! please adopt them, they’ve been waiting for homes for a while now! none at the moment!

Adopt Cafe (round 3)

Coming soon!


none at the moment!


fusion icons batches

batch 10 (1/3 open)

all of these adoptables will have art that is under 150x150 pixels, the perfect size for a pokefarm icon!

ALL 1k/200 ONLY

purrloin x galar zigzagoon SOLD to LoneShadow comfey x emolga available cubchoo x banette SOLD to WølfPøpKãyZ

3-way pokefusion batch

cross-posted on my deviantart! sneasel x froslass x mawile 5,500 / 1,100 / $11USD available galar ponyta x meloetta x deerling SOLD to Lyra1234 yamper x noibat x altaria 5,500 / 1,100 / $11USD available

teddiursa x sylveon fusion

4,500 / 900 / $9USD available

”shades of blue” fusions batch

cross-posted on my deviantart! dragonair x primarina 5,000 / 1,000 / $10USD available frosmoth x lucario SOLD to XIIIBlackCatXIII carbink x liepard SOLD to CatLady

cherrim x mega diancie fusion

4,500 / 900 / $9USD available


fishy kidcore(?) sylveon

cross-posted on my deviantart! could also be a water type! this character loves fish! 7,000 / 1,400 / $14USD available

ninja umbreon

cross-posted on my deviantart! 5,500 / 1,100 / $11USD available

rainbow sunset sylveon

cross-posted on my deviantart! comes with a watermarkless transparent of just the adopt and the experimental art shown without text! 4,000 / 800 / $8USD available


plum delcatty

6,000 / 1200 / $12USD available

AI fakemon

fakemon batch 1

cross-posted on my deviantart! these will come with the transparents of the OG AI generated fakemon from the nokemon project as well :) crystal friend 5,000 / 1,000 / $10USD available space cat 5,000 / 1,000 / $10USD available crowned creature SOLD to RubyCeazar

other (not pokemon)

None at the moment!
― eggs ―

all 300/ equiv each!

70: SOLD to winter solstice 71: PENDING 72: SOLD to RubyCeazar 73: PENDING 74: SOLD to winter solstice 75: SOLD to StarFragments

previous egg examples

fennekin x crawdaunt (belongs to Kaotashimi)

shockblu (belongs to Jalakins)

goomy x audino (belongs to MeowQeclion)

lapras x diancie (belongs to Midnight Espeon)

shinx x voltorb (belongs to Jalakins)

dragon toxel (belongs to Jalakins)

― commissions are: closed! since i'm very new to this kinda thing, i'll only be doing basic commissions for now! i've been drawing all of my life but i'm finally beginning to sell digital art, so please bare with me! ♥ rules/important notes:
  • please be patient with me! i work part time outside of pfq so it may take me a bit to respond/finish orders.
  • i have the right to decline any orders (though i probably won't)
  • i will be limiting commissions to pokemon and pokemon OCs for now, so please only order art of that!
  • please provide some refrence pictures of your character, the more the merrier!
  • please give me your reference and some general notes about your OC and post it in this thread. i will either accept/decline your offer in the thread, and i'll contact you via PM from there.
  • once the art is done, i will send it to you and make sure everything looks ok. if it's all set, i will accept your payment in full!
  • tips aren't necessary but ultra appreciated!
  • i am only taking so many commissions at a time! click here to see how many open slots there are
  • most important: please credit my toyhou.se when using the art i make for you!

all prices will follow this ratio: 5k = 5 = 1 100 = $1 USD 1 = market price any z crystal = market price $USD is main priority need help converting prices? use eltafez's converter!

basic fullbody

rylee’s basic full body all commissions in this style should be over 1000x1000 pixels, will have a transparent background, will be lineless and with a double border! examples: - - - starting price: $10 +$1-$3 more depending on the character’s complexity, ask me about it!

icons (GP sale!)

rylee’s icons all commissions in this style will be 150x150 pixels and will be lineless with a single border! it will be more like a small doodle and will be a little pixel-y due to the size. examples: - - - starting price: $5 *SALE!* pay with GP and get 20% off for a limited time! was 2.5kgp, now 2kgp

custom fusion/adopt

rylee’s custom fusions and adopts i’ll create a custom character for you! just give me a couple guidelines first! this type of commission follows the same size and features as the fullbody one; transparent background, lineless, double border. examples: fusion - custom adopt more examples under my fusions and variant adopts tab! starting price: $10 +$1-$3 more depending on the character’s complexity, ask me about it! please also give me some guidelines to work with, such as:
  • what pokemon would you like the base to be?
  • if it's a fusion: which 2 pokemon should i fuse?
  • what kinds of colors should i work with?
  • should this character have any accessories?
  • what kind of personality does this character have?
i may ask additional questions after i receive your order form to help make a more accurate and fitting design!

custom hexafusion

rylee’s custom hexafusions hexafusions are a set of 3 two-mon fusions that all get fused into one fusion! It’s kind of hard to explain but if you look at my examples its easier to understand. since one hexafusion requires 4 fusions made by me, the prices are a little higher than my other commissions, but feel free to use all 4 fusions i make for you for whatever you want! examples: | more examples will be added as i complete more! starting price: $30 *may add an additional $1-5 depending on pokemon complexity
― current raffle: ― summer sylveon raffle over on my toyhou.se! ends june 21 11:59pm EDT
S/A/D/Summon Shop | Adopt Shop | Journal avatar drawn by me
ancient drive progress | buying with , pm me!
Sheepoid's AvatarSheepoid
Sheepoid's Avatar
heyo! Could I buy the shinccino for zc? :D (also, do you take cr or just the currencies listed?)
icon is from the official pokemon anime; sig art by me!
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
@Sheepoid - hey! i'm mostly looking for GP or ZC but i suppose i could take credits for the shinccino if you have them :') it would be 500k credits!
S'triker's AvatarS'triker
S'triker's Avatar
Heya, im really interested in the 3 egg, if you still accept credits that would be 400.000 credits? right? :,0
Jalakins's AvatarJalakins
Jalakins's Avatar
I'm interested in Egg 2! I can pay in zc :3
I always try to click back! <3 410/2000 Avatar by Rylee. Siggy from quinn. Sprite credits here.
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
@Kaotashimi - sure, i'll take credits for it! 400k credits please! @Jalakins - send a trade please!
May I buy Egg 4, for 400Gp~?
Profile picture was made by me!
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
@midnight espeon - sure, send a trade please!!
Hillo's AvatarHillo
Hillo's Avatar
Could I grab egg 5 for GP?
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
@Hillo - send a trade please!

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