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Rylee's House of Pokémon - adopts + commissions ♥

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Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
Mabosstiff - you got it! send a trade please :)
S/A/D/Summon Shop | Adopt Shop | Journal avatar drawn by me
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
shop update!
  • added new eeveelution: jellyfish sylveon!
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
shop update!
  • new icon adopt gacha has been posted! its been a while :)
  • updated the BOGO icon adopts
also wanted to remind you guys that my commissions are open, with heavy priority on USD orders. paying bills is rough right now for me so any orders would be appreciated :')
NatsNeko's AvatarNatsNeko
NatsNeko's Avatar
Can I AB the Sprig 5 for ZC and get the BOGO 5? [And can you send the Starly to Rose the Plague?] :3c
Avatar is official HM game art. HM © Natsume
Porrim's AvatarPorrim
Porrim's Avatar
Well I was trying to pick between 4 and 5 so this is perfect! Can I auto buy 4 please! With the bogo 7?
Memento Mori.
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
NatsNeko - you got it! send a trade please! :) Porrim - glad that worked out for you :')) please send a trade!
thanks both :)
Mabosstiff's AvatarMabosstiff
Mabosstiff's Avatar
could i get number 1 for 1,875,000 credits (i believe my math is right but please tell me if it's not!) + number one from the bogo adopts :o)
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
Mabosstiff - sure thing! send a trade please :) thanks!!
illud93's Avatarillud93
illud93's Avatar
ryleee!! may i possible put a hold on 7 to AB it on thursday? :D if not, i totally understand <3

currently buying:
medium electric gem / 2zc each
large electric gem / 20zc each
gems ( electric only )
wishing star / 20zc each
fire fang / 20zc each
order's crest / 20zc each
summons ( please make offers in my shop! )
Rylee's AvatarRylee
Rylee's Avatar
illud93 - sure thing! put it on hold for you :)

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