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Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
Niet [Adam]'s Avatar
That's a really cool concept, but it wouldn't really fit. Sorry.
Clip from Pokémon anime, re-lined by me
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Darn! At least it never hurt to ask ^-^

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Akuahebi's AvatarAkuahebi
Akuahebi's Avatar
dosent seem like a very active thread, and i cant be on often, so it seems perfect, but i have a few questions as heterochromia is a common mutation in real animals, i dont imagine thered be any issue with that, but what about Psychlogical Trauma? A pokemon who used to have a trainer, but something happened, Leaving the pokemon with Emotional scars. Would that be ok? Also, is there a minimum activity cutoff? like no post in a month or so?

Read this please


funny skit

a bibarel was sitting by a river dam, when suddenly, a wild giratina appeared, saying "I AM GIRATINA< LORD OF THE DAMNED!" the bibarel proceeded to destroy the nearby floodgate, then shouted "HA! Now you have no power here, as the river is no longer dammed!"... HAH!
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Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
Niet [Adam]'s Avatar
Those seem fine, although I'm not sure if this will be kept if activity stays this low.
Akuahebi's AvatarAkuahebi
Akuahebi's Avatar
cool. ill try to get others to join as well... an open ended rp, no plot, just random fun... seems great.
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Are PFQ exclusives allowed?
Rick-Delcatty's AvatarRick-Delcatty
Rick-Delcatty's Avatar
Here is my concept Rick, who is a delcatty (with fairy type due to something related to the stars) Rick has inmprovised a move that he calls "falling star smash". It involves shooting star-shaped projectiles from above (can use this due to astral factor, aka the fairy retype) Rick likes: pondering about why the pokemon nps in pokefarm q can speak to the "human" player Rick dislikes: Dark-type pokemon, shedninja, being called "UB-delcatty"
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You mentioned that no legendaries are allowed, what about mythicals? Just curious because I want a Celebi as one of my characters.
kaiserbakura's Avatarkaiserbakura
kaiserbakura's Avatar
Strange question, but could I start as an egg? To be specific a Pichu egg that is close to hatching. The backstory is that through a series of unfortunate mishaps, the egg rolled out of the nest and wound up lost. Once she hatches she will be looking for her mama.
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Lorenzo321's AvatarLorenzo321
Lorenzo321's Avatar
Since shinies are considered freaks by some/most how about a shiny that pretends to be a non-shiny? I do have a small idea for a shiny Lopunny who dyes the pink fur yellow so he looks like an average Lopunny so he would have to constantly make sure all his fur is dyed and just generally avoid others finding out he's shiny.
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