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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
UBs are from another world and therefore can't be used here.
Featured story: Injustice Feedback welcome!
Niet, 2 things 1, Are fusions made by Pokefarm Q allowed? 2,Is it ok if I take out the move "Judgement" from my RP? It 's not really fair cause its a very powerful move.
Hiya!I loaf art made by my pokesona(pfp),so if you have some art ready to sell, send an example in PM!I also collect ! Avatar made by Ruby Illustrations!
Please send interactions with this guy.
code-hercules background dont forget icon credit!
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
1. As with all "unusual" things, they're ok but may be considered freakish. 2. That move is Arceus-exclusive, so you can't use it.
DrakeonPlayz's AvatarDrakeonPlayz
DrakeonPlayz's Avatar
heya. i want to post my character on that other thread but whats the layout i need to use. i know there was probably something i needed to read, (i read the rules, of course) but this looks really fun and i wanted to jump right in. Edit: i dont know how to do the tab thing. ill just post.
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John Egbert's AvatarJohn Egbert
John Egbert's Avatar
I'm not sure if this question was already answered, but can we use PF exclusives like Bandicoot for example?
Icon made by sketcheree; artist's permission can be found here
IvywingTR's AvatarIvywingTR
IvywingTR's Avatar
Just curious, would it be okay to have a pokemon know moves from its evolved form? I have an Eevee (I know, typical mary sue) who was formerly a experiment, and for that it can sometimes turn into an evolved form, but I'm planning on making that happen rarely. Can it use moves from an evolved form as an Eevee, or only as that form?
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Pages: 123··· 8910

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