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She heard Jess and ran over shaking her
Karai woke up soon, Looking over at the Garchomp shaking the Zorua, She just sighed and stretched before licking her paw
Lady J's AvatarLady J
Lady J's Avatar
"Agh!" She woke up, breathing hard "Ah...Just a nightmare...hey guys..."
“ hello “ she said
Lady J's AvatarLady J
Lady J's Avatar
"Um...Do you want to know what it was about?" she asked, wardly
“ um sure “ she said
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
Meanwhile, back where the fallen bandits had been defeated, the ground began to rumble. A steel drill poked through the grass before crashing dirt out in a cascade, purple liquid arms coming out behind to lift a large Pokemon out of the hole. The clamp spread out to leave the drill in the ground as he at down; Borix was unearthed, looking around curiously. Poison dripped from his mouth and onto the ground.

Hey! Why not check out my Sprite shop while you're here? Dragon Cave profile Or... come ask the Psychic expert your burning queries...
Karai stood up and left the room to find Stephan, Her tail swayed as she walked around looking for him
Lady J's AvatarLady J
Lady J's Avatar
Stephen was in his room, working on some paperwork "It was me...being made fun of...then it turned to me making fun of some mimikyu girl...Why though..." Lucy said.
“ that is kind weird but I can help you figure it out “ she said

Pages: 123··· 7891011··· 141516

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