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Dont waste your time on pokerus guys its a scam only top players get pokerus no matter how much I click on their eggs and pokemon I never get it and anyone who tells me other wise is wrong
Fear me I am fluffeh mwar
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
this is the help forum what would you like help with? would you like help with how to get rus? would you like help with knowing how rus works? would you like to know if you are somehow approaching rus wrong? if your mind is set on how rus works, and "anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong", what is the purpose of this thread? what responses are you wishing to get here?
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First of all nice JoJo picture but what the heck am I doing wrong? I click on the one who has rus alot i even refresh and click when they put new eggs up but half of the time they either keep pokemon who just need feeding or they have no eggs up
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
I dont consider myself a top players and I had it like 187 Things. The things is that you dont actually need pokerus to progress in this game. Anyway it's rng, sometimes it get you at the end of the day with a person you just interact with the party lol
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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
Have you been clicking the pokemon in their fields? Their fields often have thousands of pokemon that need feeding.
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
It's pretty normal not to get pokerus too often. Sometimes I can click all pokemon of the host for hours and still don't get it. Yesterday I clicked like 4 fields of someone who has 4k pokemon and got it. It's basically like buying raffle tickets. Every interaction gives you one ticket, but other people are also buying tickets, so even if you get the maximum amount you can get, your chances are still low. The more people are online the more 'tickets' there are. Users who get rus a lot, click hours every day to get it. If you want to have better chances, you can keep a list of people who get rus often and who have a lot of pokemon, you can preclick them, so you don't have to click 5k+ pokemon in the 15 minutes, but aside from that it's a combination of hard work and RNG. And yeah, if you don't click the fields, as Kiryu said, you basically have no chance
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Its still rng, even by only clicking the party you can get the rus. If you find it frustrating, I suggest only clicking the party and stop minding the rus. So instead of a painful dissapointment, you can have an happy surprise. If you only want the rus for the task list, its not worth it. You have the egg timer for your egg and you can also buy the exp share and just interact to win exp.

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