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Egg/sprite codes?

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i know how to find codes for eggs and sprites i already have registered in my pokedex, but where do i find ones that i still need to register? I've looked in a css guide for shelter hunting and there was a "complete" list of eggs that was outdated, since it doesn't have the egg codes i was looking for (such as grookey and ryukuza for example) I was wondering if theres a similar source for hatched 'mon sprites of pokemon that i could use if, again, i lack that entry in my pokedex?
Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
If it the ?/?/? Code your after then If the egg is in the shelter (ie before you adopt it) right click (or hold the image on mobile) and select open image in new tab the URL contains the image code. Think you can get same code from egg supplier images
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yeah those are the ones im after i havent come across the eggs in the shelter or in peoples parties yet, and i cant get it from the egg supplier since i havent hatched it (hence why i cant get it from the pokedex either) im still looking around parties and the shelter for the code but thats... id like a directory or something. i couldnt get the code off the wiki either.
Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
Pm me a list of ones you want and I'll check supplier and my journal dex

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