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Lady J's AvatarLady J
Lady J's Avatar
(I love to write and here's my story I've been writing) Shiny eevee gijinka Jessica lives a normal 10th grade life(somewhat). Until she meets these brothers (Who happen to be eeveelutions) in her head who tell her that she'll have to be the hero her town will need. Whether she likes it or not (and she doesn't) Will she be able to defeat it before it kills her? (probably not) (Some basic info about our main character) Name: Jessica Lucilia Dos Santos Gender/Species: Female Shiny Eevee Gijinka Sexually: Demi-Pansexual LV: 27 Ability: Anticipation (Gives her 6 sense for danger) Moves: Wish-(heals after a while) Protect-(Blocks moves, less likely to work more it’s used in succession) Hidden power-(Power value and type can change, usually Flying 80) Last Resort-(Changes depending on the eeveelution she is) Personality: Quiet, Sassy, determined, caring, smartass Things to note: Has depression, anxiety, ADD and insomnia

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