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Unique eggs

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Authello's AvatarAuthello
Authello's Avatar
It says "only unique eggs won't break shiny chains" so does that mean eggs in the lab with a ??? as the title? Ones we haven't hatched before? I just want to be sure before I sign up for the recent Tournament. :) Thanks!
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
In this case unique means eggs you haven't hatched in this specific tournament. That means you can hatch every egg, but the one you currently chain, once without breaking your chain. If you try to hatch one of the same spezies again, it will break your chain. I suggest writing down what you've hatched so far if you want to participate. If an egg would break your chain upon hatching, you will get a pop-up where you have to confirm breaking your chain, so you can't really break it on accident, but it's still better to have a list
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Authello's AvatarAuthello
Authello's Avatar
Holy crap thank you for the note. D: I'd have borked this. So even if an egg is discovered it can still be hatched for 1 point? Aaaand do you mean writing down every one I've ever hatched up to my start on the site, or just as I hatch them from the lab/shelter for the tournament itself? And yeah the popup is a savior.
Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
As an example if you hatch a bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander in your 1st party you get 10 points each. If in second party you have weedle, caterpie and squirtle you get 10 points each for the bugs and the squirtle is 1 point and will break your chain. A CSS can be helpful in keeping track of ones already hatched
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Authello's AvatarAuthello
Authello's Avatar
Oh that's easier to understand, thank you! I'm definitely glad I asked, thanks you guys! <3
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
I'm sure with Dracojax' explanaition it's clear already, but I meant writing down the ones you've hatched once the tournament started. It's a good strategie to try and hatch as many different pokemon as you can, because every unique egg will give 10 points. The ones you've hatched before in the tournament only give one point. I like keeping my chain by using the shelter as normal and hatch eggs from the lab for tournament points. Good luck
You mentioned a css code to help, could I perhaps borrow said code of you have access to one, please? owo
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Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by GalarianVulpix

You mentioned a css code to help, could I perhaps borrow said code of you have access to one, please? owo
Pm me if you still need info and let me know if you have used CSS codes before. The code to keep track has to be edited everytime you get a new egg
Hyeon-U's AvatarHyeon-U
Hyeon-U's Avatar
I'm currently doing an Eevee chain. Does that mean I stop hatching Eevee eggs or are they safe? Double checking before I attempt this unique egg hatch
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Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
You can hatch Eevee as normal to continue your hunt but hatching a second egg of any other type would break you chain. You do get a pop up cautioning you that your chain will break

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