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Putting pokemons in field

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darkman45's Avatardarkman45
darkman45's Avatar
When putting pokemons in a field that it likes or dislikes does its first type matter or second one? Or the only thing it matters if one of its type regardles if primary or secondary matches the fields one. For ex putting Wagell which is poison/fairy in a dark field would it become unhappy due to its fairy typing not liking dark field? Or has no effect on its happiness due to being primary poison which is neutral on dark field?
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
Both type matter actually! - A ground type won't like rock type field, but if they have the rock type, like geodude they would still get hapiness since they share the same type. - A wagell in a poison field would love it as they share the same type and fairy is weak againts it. Type affinitis matter, if a typeA is not very effective on a typeB, TypeB won't like being in field TypeA, but shared type get a boost that upcome the disliking. Exeption is hating, a few type have an immunity on a type. Which mean that, even if they share the same type of the field, if their dual type have an immunity, they would lose hapiness. Gligar is a ground/Flying type, in a ground field, they would lose hapiness because Flying is immune to ground type attack.
My first language is french! So sorry in advance for misunderstanding xD Click on the fish Draw inspired by Sans' Hotdog Stand in Undertale
darkman45's Avatardarkman45
darkman45's Avatar
Oh ok thanks.Good thing I moved them in another field.

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