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The Beginner's Guide to PokéFarm Q

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Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to PokéFarm Q

Hello there! Welcome to PokéFarm Q. Since you're here, I assume you have questions about the game, how to do something, or what you should do now. That's what we're here to answer. This is a bit of an info dump, so I'll try my best to make the answers you want easy to find. This is partly a remake of an old thread by Linokii and partly just a guide inspired by it, since it was pretty dead but still rather useful. I'll be able to better help with a new thread with corrected information, so here we are!
If you have questions, please go to the questions thread and use the "Reply to this thread" link there in order to ask. Use the Thread commands near the top of the page to Subscribe to this and/or the questions thread so you can see when answers are given, and also be appraised of updates to the guide. As a part of the guide, I'm going to include a short code that you can Ctrl+F or use "Find..." or "Find on page" commands in order to jump to. You can reach that option via your browser's options, usually found in the upper right corner via a menu icon. I'll also link to posts so you can get there a touch faster. Format: Code - Topic Feel free to exclude the []

Table of Contents

Updates & Thanks


  • 19/Mar/2020 - First draft started
  • 21/Mar/2020 - First version of the guide complete, undergoing reviews and edits before going live
  • 25/Mar/2020 - Thread moved to Guides forum. We're live now!
  • 23/Sep/2020 - Activating Your Account and Additional Resources topics added to the guide, Outro pushed back to be [5.1] to compensate.


  • Linokii - A HUGE thank you to Linokii for the original guide! The format was really nice and easy to remake in part due to the organization and care that they took in writing it.
  • Methos - Methos deserves thanks for helping me write and proofread this guide.
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Before we get into it, make sure to take a break if you find any of this information overwhelming. Likewise, please ask questions if you don't understand something. I can't help you unless you ask! :)

[0.0] - What is PokéFarm Q?

To put it simply, PokéFarm Q is the project of Administrators and site owners Niet and Garthic to create a world for us Pokémon lovers (with the help of the Artists, of course). While similar to the Pokémon world that you know and love from the official games, PokéFarm Q approaches things more so from the perspective of a Pokémon Breeder -- that is, breeding to create Eggs, hatching those Eggs, and caring for the Pokémon that hatch from them. PokéFarm Q, which can be shortened to PFQ, is the successor site to the older PokéFarm, or PF1. PFQ is still in its beta state, so updates are slated to occur on a regular basis and new things are being added as time goes on.

[0.1] - Activating Your Account

Have you activated your account yet? If you plan to stick around and continue playing, you'll need to do this. You won't be able to do things like change your Trainer Card message or send trades until you do. If you see error messages saying that your account isn't active, don't panic! Don't make another account either (that's against the rules). Just read this and follow the instructions. In order to check and see if you've activated your account already, just go here. If the page says your account has already been activated, then you're good to go. If this page is asking you for your email and/or date of birth so you can resend the activation email, then you do still need to activate your account. If you opted out of providing a date of birth at account creation, leave the date of birth box alone. Otherwise, go ahead and enter your date of birth. Now enter the email you'd like to have attached to your account. You can change this freely up until the point you successfully activate your account. After that point, it gets locked in as the email you'll use. Now, once you've entered your details, go ahead and confirm it and let the site send you an email. Go check your email for the address you gave, and try to find one from Pokefarm. The email may take up to 24 hours to arrive and may wind up in your Spam folder, so please do be certain to check there. Due to email filters that schools sometimes impose, school emails may not be able to receive our emails - there's nothing we can do about this. It's on their end. Try using your regular email address such as your Gmail if you run into this issue. Once you've received the email, you'll notice it contains further instructions. Just do what it says, and then you're done. Your account will be activated, and you'll be told as much once you've done it successfully. If you want to change any of your details on file after your account is activated, such as your username, email address, and so on, or if you have issues with activating your account, just head over to our Support Centre and submit a ticket. We'll be with you as soon as possible.
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[1.0] - Interacting

Making interactions, or clicking to feed Pokémon and hold Eggs, is the foundation of PokéFarm gameplay. The Egg or Pokémon clicked will gain experience (EXP), while you gain Credits and Interaction Points.
Click the "Hold the Egg!" button to get the Egg to hatch faster. Hatched Pokémon eat Berries in order to level up. They may like one Berry (green) and dislike another (red), so keep that in mind when you're choosing which Berry to feed them!
You can interact with your own Eggs and Pokémon, as well as with the Eggs and Pokémon of other players. Other players will interact with your Eggs and Pokémon in turn, assisting you in hatching your Eggs and leveling up your Pokémon. Interacting is highly encouraged, as it is the primary way of actively fueling your own progression in the game. To find other players to interact with, look to the top of your screen. You’ll see “### users online” and “Open 10.” Clicking “### users online” will take you to a list of all players who are currently online. Clicking “Open All” will take you to a Multi Profile page, which is a set of 10 randomly-selected online players whose party profiles have been simplified to make it easy to interact with them! Once you’ve interacted with the Eggs or Pokémon belonging to those 10 players, you’ll see a button that says “Get More +.” Click this button to load another 10 players to interact with. You can also see who has interacted with you, and return the favor, by clicking the Clickback link in the top left of your screen. This link will open a Multi Profile containing 10 players who have interacted with you today. If you’d like to see a complete list of who has interacted with you today, visit your Interactions page.

[1.1] - Basic Currencies

PokéFarm has several currencies, including both free and premium options. All three of these primary currencies can be traded with other players. Credits are PokéFarm’s basic free currency. Credits are initially gained from interacting with Eggs and Pokémon, performing Scours, and selling spare items through your Inventory. Credits are used when buying certain items and services, trading directly with other players, and buying items through the Market. Credits are the only currency that can be used and gained via the Market. Gold Poké, or GP, are PokéFarm’s intermediate currency. Free GP can be gained through weekly login rewards, participating in site events like the weekly Contest, and opening Boxes, but GP can also be purchased directly using ZC (see below). GP is used to purchase account upgrades, such as better Shelter Passes, DayCare Items, and Scour Boosts. Zophan Canisters, or ZC, are PokéFarm’s premium currency. ZC is purchased with real money, using either a credit card through the Stripe service, or through a PayPal account. ZC is used to buy Hypermode (PokéFarm’s premium account status), GP, and particularly high-value account upgrades like the Shelter Pass ★. There are other things that qualify as Currency types, but we won't get into those for now since they are either more specialized, situational, or rare.

[1.2] - Party

Your Party is where you can keep up to 6 Eggs or Pokémon, active and ready to be interacted with by other players. On your Party page, your Task List suggests goals for you to reach while you play with PokéFarm’s many features. Each task will give you a reward when you complete it, and it will unlock another task with a more difficult goal and a greater reward. Completion of these tasks is optional - it is entirely your choice! Your Party page also shows your VIP List. You can add players as VIPs from their profile page, and your VIP List will show you when your VIPs are online. This, in essence, is a one-way friends list, where you can add whoever you like while they are not asked to add you in return. Using the VIP List function to add people who you like clicking or trading with is a good idea!

[1.3] - The Lab

The Lab is run by Professor Holly. The good Professor distributes Eggs to players, revives Fossil Pokémon, and will sometimes assist you in unlocking additional aspects of PokéFarm. At any time, you can select one of four Eggs to adopt and send to your Party. You can refresh the available selection of Eggs for free once every 5 minutes, or you can use GP to buy Lab Reloaders and refresh whenever you want. Once you have hatched a particular Pokémon’s Egg, that Egg's name will be revealed and allow you to identify Eggs belonging to that species. All Eggs have a unique visual pattern as well, and this will likewise help you determine the species that can be hatched from it. Once you’ve found a Fossil while Scouring, Professor Holly will assist you in helping that Fossil Pokémon live again! Put the Fossil in her care, then spend some time interacting with other players. The Professor will provide you with the resulting Fossil Pokémon, which has a special symbol and a very special effect on Eggs belonging to that species that grants them more experience from interactions.
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[2.0] - Fields

Your Fields are where you store the Pokémon that aren't active in your Party. Up to 40 Pokémon may be stored within a single Field. Each field has a type, and Pokémon who have a positive affinity () with that type will like the field and gain Happiness, while Pokémon who have a negative affinity () with that type will dislike that Field and lose Happiness. Pokémon matching the field type will have an exceptionally increased Happiness gain over ones that simply have a positive affinity. You can use typeless Fields if you would like to store Pokémon without any Happiness increases or decreases, or you can try to cater to your Pokémon and make them all happy by putting them in Fields they like. Something special may happen to specific species of Pokémon if they are particularly happy or unhappy, so give it a shot! That said, an important aspect to your Farm is expanding by gaining new fields. In order to do this, you can click the Menu icon near the bottom right corner of the field background image, which is represented by three horizontal (sideways) lines stacked over each other. Click "Buy new Field," and you will be shown the cost of the new Field in Credits, and be given the opportunity to choose the Field's type and give that Field a name. Make your Farm special by giving your Fields unique and personalised names that suit you and your Pokémon! If you don't like the order your fields are in, click the Menu button I previously mentioned and select the "Organise Fields" button. From here, you can click and drag to rearrange your Fields and put them in an order that you like better. The order you keep your Fields in will be the order that other people see them in, so if there are Pokémon you really want people to see, consider putting the Fields those Pokémon are in at the top of the list. You may eventually find that you have more Pokémon than you can handle. Don't worry! You can send these Pokémon to the Shelter by releasing them, and you can release them en masse from the Fields page. Click the Menu button, click "Mass Release," and then select which Pokémon you'd like to say goodbye to. Don't worry about releasing them! We all have to say goodbye sometime, and your Pokémon will be given the opportunity to be adopted by other players via the Shelter before they are found a safe refuge to be turned out to in the wild.

[2.1] - Shelter

At some point, you may find that you want a larger selection of Eggs to choose from than what the Lab can provide. When you gain access to the Shelter, that's exactly what you'll get. The Shelter is populated with Eggs and Pokémon generated and released by other players, so feel free to give these Eggs and Pokémon a new home on your Farm! You will start with a basic Shelter Pass C that will allow you 6 adoptions from the Shelter per day. After making enough adoptions from the Shelter of either Pokémon or Eggs, you will be allowed to buy a larger Shelter Pass with Gold Poké. Larger Shelter Passes have larger daily allowances, so if you want to hatch a lot of Shelter Eggs each day, you should aim for larger and larger Shelter Passes. There are 6 different tiers of Shelter Pass, starting with the Shelter Pass C that you receive in the Tutorial of the game, and ending with the Shelter Pass ★ that can be purchased with Zophan Canisters once you have fulfilled its adoption requirement in order to unlock it. In order to purchase any additional Shelter Passes, use the Passes tab. Please note that you only receive the effect of the highest pass you own, and they do not stack. To put this simply, a Shelter Pass C allows you to make 6 adoptions. Owning two Shelter Passes C does not allow you to make 12 adoptions - you may still make only 6. Once you obtain larger Shelter Passes, feel free to sell the smaller ones since you no longer receive their effects, or keep them on hand if you'd like to keep them as part of your item collection or lend them out to other players. Furthermore, there are Flutes that you can use to create special music that attract or repel Pokémon, leaving you with a Shelter page full of either Eggs or Pokémon exclusively. The White Flute attracts Pokémon, and the Black Flute repels them. If you only want to see Eggs, consider buying a Black Flute. If you want to see only Pokémon, a White Flute will do the trick. Either Flute can be purchased with Gold Poké via the Flutes tab.

[2.2] - DayCare

So, you want to breed your own Eggs? Look no further! The DayCare is just the place for that. Pokémon are separated into different egg groups, which you can determine once you own that Pokémon via the Pokédex. These egg groups determine which Pokémon are compatible to breed with each other. Each Pokémon may be a member of up to two different egg groups. For example, Bulbasaur is part of both the Grass egg group as well as the Monster egg group. This means it can breed with any Pokémon that is a part of either of those two groups. As a basic rule of thumb, you will need a male and a female Pokémon from the same egg group in order to successfully produce an Egg. Place these Pokémon in the DayCare via the "Add a Pokémon" button, and then go interact with other users for a while. While you are interacting, Eggs will be produced if the Pokémon are compatible. You can buy the Matchup Checker with Gold Poké in order to be told precisely how compatible your Pokémon are. This will be shown as a percentage below the Pokémon, and this percentage caps at 99% in the most favourable scenario. There are various factors that may lead to decreased percentages, and not all breeding pairs will even be capable of reaching 99%. When you first start breeding Pokémon, you won't be able to tell what species of Egg results. If you buy the Spyglass item with Gold Poké, the Egg's unique visual pattern will be revealed. The Eggs will be grouped based on their appearance, so you know what you've bred. This is a useful item because there are some special Pokémon pairings that produce Eggs that you might not expect! As a final note regarding the DayCare, Ditto is a very useful Pokémon in that it can breed with any Pokémon that can produce Eggs regardless of their egg group. Ditto can even produce Eggs with some genderless Pokémon, so if you are lucky enough to find a Ditto, it may be a good idea to keep it!
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[3.0] - Scouring

Your Pokémon can partake in Scour Missions in order to bring back items and Credits. You will start out where you can only Scour with one Pokémon at a time. Each Scour Mission takes one real-world hour to complete. There are six areas in which to Scour, and some of these areas contain items that the other areas do not. To start with, though, don't worry about that. Just send a Pokémon on a Scour Mission and see what it brings back! As a note, each Pokémon likes and dislikes different places. If at first you don't know which area your Pokémon likes to Scour in, try to send it to a different place next time. Scouring in the area that your Pokémon likes can yield better rewards than one that it is neutral to or dislikes. Your Pokémon only has so much Energy, though! As your Pokémon's Energy decreases over time, you may notice that the rewards brought back aren't as good. Make sure to give your Pokémon a break now and then and let other Pokémon go exploring for treasures instead! To explain this in some detail, there are three Energy states. Green Energy () shows that a Pokémon is still rested enough to continue Scouring with a better chance for the rarer items. Yellow Energy () means that your Pokémon is a little tired, and Red Energy () means that your Pokémon is exhausted and in need of a rest. You can continue to Scour even with depleted Energy, but it's not a very good idea. At some point, you will want to send more than one Pokémon out to Scour at a time. Using the Scour Slots tab, you can buy the Scour Slot item for Gold Poké. Keep in mind that you may only have a maximum of three Pokémon Scouring at once, and you start with one to begin with. As a result, buying two Scour Slot items to reach the cap of three Pokémon is ideal. Any more than that will not work! While you're Scouring, you may get tired of what your Pokémon are bringing back. You want the rare items, right? Go to the Scour Boosts tab of the page and buy a Scour Boost in order to fix that. Like the Scour Slots, up to two Scour Boosts will work. Good luck in bringing back some real treasure! As a tip, if your Pokémon wind up bringing back a Box, you've run into something pretty cool. If you go to the Boxes page, you can choose to open these Boxes and find out what's inside! You may only get a Berry, or you could wind up getting Gold Poké or plenty of very special items. Some of these items you can get are even related to Legendary Pokémon...

[3.1] - Wishforge

By now, you may have noticed that when you hatch an Egg, you receive a Gem matching the Pokémon's type (or one of its two types). These Gems are rather useful! If you visit the Wishforge, you can have a Jirachi named Ravyne turn your Gems into Badges. There are Badges for each and every type, and having a Badge of that type grants additional experience to Eggs and Pokémon of that type when receiving interactions. Badges can be upgraded repeatedly for stronger and stronger effects. There are Relics that can be obtained from Boxes that will allow you to perform subsequent Badge upgrades, and they will be needed in addition to the Gems that the upgrade requires. Don't worry about that for now, though! The very first Badge does not require any Relics - just Gems, so jump right in and create a Badge and help your Pokémon grow. In order to create or upgrade a Badge, you simply find the badge of that type on the list and check the progress bar(s) for that type. It will tell you if you have enough Gems. If you have enough (and the needed Relic items once that is applicable), the "Upgrade" button will be clickable. Simply click it, and then the Badge will start the crafting process. Near the top of the page, in the "Ongoing construction" area, there will be a new progress bar that shows you how close you are to completing the Badge or Badge upgrade. As part of the process, you will need to provide energy for Ravyne to imbue the Badge with in order to give it its special experience-boosting powers. You do this by clicking, hatching, evolving, Mega evolving, etc. Pokémon of that same type. Once you have completed the necessary number of evolutions, the "Collect!" button will be clickable. Click that, and you've got a shiny new Badge. These Badges are extremely worthwhile because the experience bonuses stack and become rather potent, so please give Wishforging a try! You may soon find that you hatch Eggs and level Pokémon of that type much more quickly than before.
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There are plenty of advanced features that I have not gone into detail on. I'll show you a couple of pages to explore in order to find some of them.

[4.0] - Nearby Places

The Nearby Places tab of the Farm page is one such place. You'll see various places such as the Berry Garden, Fishing Hut, Contest Hall, Pokémon Dojo, and more on this page. There are also basic descriptions of what you can do in each of these places. Take a look and play with these features, and partake in the various activities they have to offer!

[4.1] - Other Links

The Other Links tab of the Farm page offers you some other features and utilities. There are links to the Site Rules, Staff Roster, Mega Evolution, and more. There are also links to some of the special site-wide events such as the Weekly Tournaments, Fabulous Friday, Type Race, and Mass-Click Weekend. Exploring this page in particular is a good idea, because there's a lot of useful tools here for your journey and life on PokéFarm Q. If you wind up having any questions, you can use the Staff Roster on this page in order to see the members of Staff. For most questions and inquiries, feel free to send a PM to any of the General Moderators. We're here to help, and we can't do so unless you ask! ^^ If you've found from this guide that you like how I do things, you are more than welcome to contact me. I don't mind, but none of the Staff Members bite.
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[5.0] - Additional Resources

For further information, you can also check the Wiki. This is a searchable database of information on the site, features, and so on. You can also find the Wiki on any page via the "Help" button in the top left corner. Click that. It will open a new tab in your browser. You'll be brought to the front page of the Wiki upon first opening it up. This is the Main Page, and it gives you a few links to potentially useful pages. There are details on site Updates, there's some Guides, and you can see who the current Staff members are. There's more than that, too, so feel free to explore a bit! Have you decided on something that you want to look for specifically? Maybe you want to learn how to hunt for Shiny Pokemon. Let's go with that idea for now. You'll notice there's a search bar at the top of the page, in the orange little header bar at the top. It's just to the right of the History button. Click that search bar, and type in Shiny Hunting. Hit the search button or press Enter. The Wiki will take you straight to a page that has information on both boosts that increase the chance to hatch shinies as well as what chaining is and how to do it. You can use the search bar to find other things you may be wondering about as well. Just give it a shot! Sometimes if your query isn't precise enough, or if you've entered a search term that has multiple results, you'll be presented with a page that either says there's no results or a page that allows you to pick which page out of the multiple options that you'd like to check out. For example, maybe you want to see what kind of different lists are on the Wiki. Enter the word list and hit the search button or press Enter. There are several results here, including pages related to the Task List as well as a List of Special Pokemon for Kanto. As a spoiler warning, though, the List of Special Pokemon pages do show what our special Albino and Melanistic Pokemon sprites look like, so do be forewarned. I find these pages useful for choosing my hunts, though, so maybe you're like me. If you don't know what to search in order to find out about a certain topic, please feel free to ask! There's also the Guides Forum and Help Forum that you may also find useful in seeking assistance.

[5.1] - Outro

There's a lot to do and explore on PokéFarm Q beyond what is covered in this guide, and I hope you've understood everything that I've explained thus far. In the case that you still have questions or find anything overwhelming, please ask questions here or feel free to PM me. Thank you very much for reading this guide, and I hope to see you around!

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