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Lily and Celena's Art Shop!

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Celenä's AvatarCelenä
Celenä's Avatar

Lily and Celena's Art Shop!
  • Rules!


  • Please be polite to me and Lily as we are not the best at completing art straight away
  • Please don't spam PMing/posting us if we don't post after you order, we are trying to avoid double posting because it breaks rules
  • Also we may decline your order if the payment is too low to meet our standards
  • Don't complain if you don't like our commisions, just ask if you want it edited and we may fix it
Avatar made by chary♡ Thank You! Free Banners!
Created by Lonely Heart for Celena's use only
Celenä's AvatarCelenä
Celenä's Avatar

Lily and Celena's Art Shop!
  • Art
  • Examples
  • Adopts
  • Form

Art Prices

  • Messy Fullbody: 200GP/equivalent
  • Messy Avatar: 70GP/equivalent
  • Normal Fullbody: 300GP/equivalent
  • Normal Avatar: 100GP
Add ons:
  • Shading: 20GP/equiv
  • Extra Items: 20GP/equiv


Lily's OC by me, a messy fullbody scribble for her use only! Avacyn's use only 'Normal' Fullbody My watermark is horrible ;-;




[b]Celena! I want a commision![/b] [b]Character/Reference:[/b] [b]Request:[/b] [b]Any add ons?[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Extra Info:[/b]
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar

Lily‘s Side!
  • Rules
  • Examples

Welcome to my side!

Are you looking to commission me for any artwork? Well, you can commission me here! Just please follow me and Celena's rules, and you're set to go!
  • Be respectful to both of us.
  • Please remember to explicity commission one of us.
  • Please do not rush us.
  • It takes me about an hour to a few days depending on how busy I get!


Human/Gijinka Art

Sketches (Traditional)

Belongs to me!

Sketches (Traditional Colored)

Belongs to Telltale!

Digital Sketches

Belongs to JirachiStar5525!

Pokémon/Animal Art

Sketches (Traditional)


Sketches (Traditional Colored)

Digital Sketches

Belongs to Cosmere413!
Belongs to DeathBird!
Please let me know which style you prefer, otherwise, I’ll choose which would look best with the artwork! c:

Styles! (Choose One!)

Style One (Colored/Non-Shaded)

Style Two (Colored/Doodle-Shaded)

Style Three (Colored/Light-Shaded)

Style Four (Colored/Hard-Shaded)

Heya, everyone! My name is Lily! Feel free to send me a message! Here's my quote of the day (by me): "Focus on the good, not the bad. Sometimes, just a small act of kindness can brighten someone's day!" Earned Arceus Rank on April 11, 2020 at 18:21 Server Time! I'm so happy for that! Thank you to those who helped me for reaching it! :D
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar

Lily’s Side!
  • Prices
  • Customs
  • Shelter/Adopts
  • Gachapon

  • Icons/Avatars: Around 100 GP/equivalence
  • Busts/Headshots: Around 100-150 GP equivalence
  • Halfbodies/Waistshots: Around 150-175 GP
  • Fullbodies: Around 200-250 GP

Ordering a custom from my side? Please use the form below if you do!


[b][i]Lily, ordering a custom![/i][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Request:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]

Sorry, no adopts at the moment!

Gachapon will be added as soon as possible!
Celenä's AvatarCelenä
Celenä's Avatar
My side is open now! Feel free to order from my side! c:
rmurr142's Avatarrmurr142
rmurr142's Avatar
Could i get koroku high quality shadeing pls
Made By Lonely Heart
Celenä's AvatarCelenä
Celenä's Avatar
... Pleasepleaseplease Use the form... ;; But it's accepted, please also PM the payment
Celenä's AvatarCelenä
Celenä's Avatar
Rurina's AvatarRurina
Rurina's Avatar
Celena! I want a commision! Character/Reference: My pokesona Any add ons? n/a Payment: 200 gp Extra Info: Thank you!
Celenä's AvatarCelenä
Celenä's Avatar
Hi Rurina! Your pokesona is too cute uwu Accepted :3 I probably will finish it within the hour! :D
The order is finished~ Please send the payment when you can~ [48hrs] Feel free to use offsite with credit! :3

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