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Pokemon Breeders RP - RP Thread, Remade!

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White Blanket's AvatarWhite Blanket
White Blanket's Avatar
(Ah crud, I stumble across a riddle!) "Eh, wha-" he didn't get to finish what he had wanted to say, before the figure drops off their pokemon and left. Dumbfounded for a few second, Willow straps on some spare gloves and gently picks up the pokemon, trying not to startle it. "Alright girl, you'll be with me for a while alright? It won't be long." He assured it. "Hm? What's this? A thorn?" The male suddenly said, only just realizing the shape end causing discomfort. "Ah, we gotta get rid of that before an infection occurs, here," he placed Venny down onto her little hanging bulb, then placed the wooper on the table next to the book he was reading. "It won't hurt too bad, so be patient alright?" He said. Readying himself to remove the thorn. Yo, this man better prepare himself incase of a retaliation dude- (Okay okay, my answer is.....hand? You develop trust more easily like that. But tools avoid germs...but I'm wearing gloves so it should be fine right-) (If I look at it again, wooper coats their skin in poison, should I be touching with hands... Hhhh- I'm nervous.)
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
((White)) The gloves prevented Wooper’s poison like film from causing major damage, only giving a slight shock. But Wooper didn’t retaliate, just waited there while it got sorted. It waited on Willow to try and find something it could try. ((Poka)) The egg shook with a heated energy. There was a great chance it’d hatch soon. [I gotta go for a while, so I may take a bit to respond.]
Silky is my character. Don't try stealing her! I'm SnivyQueen15, a RP junkie! I can give great tips on making them! Here’s a hot new RP!
White Blanket's AvatarWhite Blanket
White Blanket's Avatar
Willow sweat dropped a bit, nervously fiddling with his hair as he thought about if it was alright to just take out the thorn. He had a bandaid at the ready just in case of bleeding, but he doubt it'll be needed. Disinfectants are also at the ready, with cottons to come along with it. Now all he needs to do is to remove the thorn, but he wish to distract the pokemon whilst the action happens. He rolls a berry towards the pokemon, not knowing if the pokemon likes sweet food or not. After doing that, he quickly pluck off the thorn with his hand, and flinches back in case the pokemon reacts too heavily on the matter.
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
Pokakat's Avatar
once diamond saw the the egg shook, she immedetly put down het book and picked it up. trying to make it a bit warmer with her hands. she chouldint wait to see her litten! (ooc:can pokemon hatch shiny, albino, and melaistic? @snivyqueen15)
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Pages: 123456

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