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Shiny Hatching Thread

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MadstheWriter's AvatarMadstheWriter
MadstheWriter's Avatar
Let's go!!! I thought this was going to be a super long hunt, but it only took 151 eggs!
CallistoStars's AvatarCallistoStars
CallistoStars's Avatar
YOOO two shinies in one party! What are the odds?
MadstheWriter's AvatarMadstheWriter
MadstheWriter's Avatar
SAI has blessed me!!
Hatched a random shiny meowth a couple weeks ago. As I was not on a hunt at the time nor did I have Hypermode I was totally surprised. All I am going to say is Sweet I hatched myself a shiny Meowth. Of course a trained it up and evolved it so I now have a shiny persian.
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JewelLlama's AvatarJewelLlama
JewelLlama's Avatar
I hatched this little girl today <3
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AstralAtlas's AvatarAstralAtlas
AstralAtlas's Avatar
was considering breaking my chain to focus on egg dexing instead and hatched this guy right before bed - only took 144 eggs!
Kuromido's AvatarKuromido
Kuromido's Avatar
Haven't got anything from my shiny chain so far, but this random egg I hatched for the tournament became my first ever random chance shiny! I guess RNG really is, uh, random :P
Teddybear's AvatarTeddybear
Teddybear's Avatar
I'm so excited! Its my first shiny XD001 ive hatched my self! Ive been collecting them since PF1 and finally decided its time to do my own hunt.

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Cassy1235's AvatarCassy1235
Cassy1235's Avatar
This only started as a gem hunt but since I ended up on Team Steel I wanted to see how long a Shiny would take. 1/943...
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Python's AvatarPython
Python's Avatar
Treated myself to Hyper Mode for the first time today and this guy decided to show himself! Would love to get an albino or mela now!

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