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Egg Timer

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POLL: Did you notice that you have hatched more eggs than usual

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POLL: How many adoptions make you a day?

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POLL: Do you think that it's hard to max out the egg timer

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POLL: What should be done?

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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
It's been almost two week now, so like I said and a post in the DLD #3 here a discussion thread to talk about the Egg Timer update. Mostly, I want your egg hatchings'... stats? - Did you notice that you have hatched more eggs than usual? - How often do you max out your adoption? (Also add your current Shelter Pass) - Do you think that it's hard to max out the egg timer? Personally, I did not see a difference on my eggs, they do take less time to hatch some hours after the reset. But I don't max out my shelter pass ★ outside of Niet day like usual. When I do, is after half a day of massclicking. Even with 3k eggs. And for the last question, after the new change on the parties clicking, hitting the 1,5k parties interactions is not really a problem. The idea is to gather enough information to know if weither or not Shelter Pass should get an upgrade on the adoptions limit. And maybe see if the Egg timer need to be recalibrate a bit (if level upping is still a hassle to a bunch of people by example)
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xXShadeXx's AvatarxXShadeXx
xXShadeXx's Avatar
I have been wanting a shelter/daycare adoption limit upgrade for so long. Ever since just the introduction to the egg timer, as well as other methods (exp. share and (Super) Lucky Eggs), if I click and stay as active as I normally do, I max out my ★ pass in under 8 hours. If I get rus, usually around 4 hours after reset. Besides hatching my eggs a little faster after reset with this egg timer update, there really is no difference to my egg hatching habits, as I usually always max it out, then if I stay active, use close to/over 100 DC passes. More if I get rus a second time. So I choose to just not click anymore when I reach my shelter limit. Despite the changes that have been made to make party clicking easier with the condensed view, I still hate it. It's still time consuming to me, and I hate how I have to switch to my mobile device to be able to do it without causing my wrist/fingers pain. In all honesty, I thought with the inclusion of the egg timer, exp. share, and lucky eggs, that we would've got some type of increase. And I don't really include the small jump from 6 to 12 in the Daycare as a huge increase that would make that much difference. With many ways added to hatch your eggs faster, I thought at the least we'd get some type of shelter/daycare adopt increase. I wonder if there's a reason why this hasn't been considered, or if there's reasons it just hasn't been implemented. Edit: Unless the population of people who max out their pass on a daily basis/this quickly like me is so small, it's not really considered to be that important? Well not important, but I think you may get what I'm saying. But I thought that an increase in one, would potentially make the other increase as well.
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Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
The new egg timer change didnt change my clicking habits at all, I was already spending the first 1-2 hours after reset party clicking and then mass clicking after I started running low on fresh partys to click. Unless I'm doing 10k+ exp eggs or its a particularily good Shazi bonus day I always use all of my adoptions (Star Pass) and thats also with 20 egg suppliers passes in constant use for any hunts where the egg cost is under 10k credits in the supplier (and yes I do buy and use daycare passes all the time as well) While I personaly would love to see a new shelter pass, I dont know if the cost would be worthwhile for the majority of the users on site (seeing as the cost doubled from X Pass (2.4k gold) to Star Pass (1k zc) the next one could possably be almost 2k zc) *I would totaly buy a new egg pass for 2k zc*

I am #3 in site stats for both Eggs hatched/+ Shelter Adoptions

I also use CSS for both party and field stacking^^
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ErarousFire's AvatarErarousFire
ErarousFire's Avatar
The new egg timer really changed things for me and I now hatch very few eggs because of the amount of party Pokemon I have to click on. I haven't even maxed it out once now because of the change. It also means I'm not maxing out my shelter pass as much. It's only during events that I adopt a large number of eggs usually to fill a requiement. If the egg timer charged faster it would be better, I get they want party interactions but this just kinda stopped me.
AsymDoll13's AvatarAsymDoll13
AsymDoll13's Avatar
I hold a lot of party 'mons. I like it. It helps give me something else to do. xD I've hatched a lot of eggs since it changed (melan hunt, ya know.) I haven't really been bothered by the change, and it's interesting to be able to just click a ton of people and see what they need. Um... Oh! Shelter pass! I never max my shelter pass... I'm too lazy to max it out. So yeah. I think that's everything. And uh... Cool.
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honeecomb's Avatarhoneecomb
honeecomb's Avatar
i think i maxed it once on the first day, but i can't bring myself to go past level 5 after that. with feilds i can just spam click fields until i die, but with the new egg timer, even with the QOL changes, i HAVE to use my mouse, which sucks, because it hurts (sigh)
People seem to have nothing positive to say about the egg timer.. Personally, I've noticed the changes in a positive way. I find party clicking easier and faster than field clicking with the QoL things I have, I'll time myself next reset to see how long it takes me to max out the egg timer and post results here. My eggs hatch faster as well when I bother to click people's parties past level 10 on the egg timer. (due to clickbacks and/or other people's party clicking, but that depends on your WF Badges more than anything). I don't see an increase in eggs hatched because I tend to max out my adopts daily anyway, but the egg timer change, I have noticed my eggs hatching more quickly/more people clicking on my eggs. It may not make as much of a different for people who aren't on all the time (I.E. if you mass party click, get your timer to level 10, then log off for an hour, your eggs will probaby be ready when you come back no matter what) but if you're active and keep clicking after level 10, you'll find your eggs hatching faster than before and replacing them quickly is beneficial. The new egg timer, in my opinion, is doing exactly what it should be doing. Edit: For those of you interested This is the userscript I'm using. Edit 2: Today it took me around 4-5 minutes from reset to get 1500 party interactions.
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darthz42's Avatardarthz42
darthz42's Avatar
I found it to be positive, the xp from getting clicked back does help to balance it against field clicking. I do however feel that the 9th and 10th levels are not worth the number of party clicks they take.
I definitely have been hatching more eggs since the update, with varying levels of activity as well. There was a time where I left my laptop to get food and thought I missed a pokerus because my freshly adopted eggs were ready to hatch after a few minutes. I don't find it hard to max out the timer, or at least get it to level 9 since even Niet said to go from level 9 to level 10 is more effort than payout. I usually get it just by making clickbacks. I have a shelter pass star. Edit: Hit post instead of preview, oops. I'm closer to maxing my shelter pass when I'm more active now than before.
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Blakbird's AvatarBlakbird
Blakbird's Avatar

Did you notice that you have hatched more eggs than usual?

Yeah, but not intensely. They definitely did hatch "faster" during the week of the update, but things have since slowed. Not slowed down by much, but I do definitely notice it.

How often do you max out your adoption? (Also add your current Shelter Pass)

Considering that I'm variant/exclusive hunting lately, I'm not at all. xD I was hunting Igglybuff around the time of the update, however, and I had no trouble maxing out my Star pass. That was nice, but not unexpected since Iggly eggs have a short EHP. I'm predicting that I'll be able to get more use out of my pass now that eggs are hatching a little faster, but I can't say for sure until I get the Guild Igglybuff hunt finished. I do want to note, however, that I was able to max it out fine before the party-interactions update to the timer. Mostly due to effort on my part rather than relying on other users to help out "holding the eggs", so considering my future plans, this will be nice as long as it keeps up.

Do you think that it's hard to max out the egg timer?

Yes. There was a new update in the Dev Log, however, so I'm going to fix up my answer a tiny bit. Before the update made today on the timer, yes, I did find it hard. I'm an active player, sure, but I have college coming up in the Fall. I intend on being active here still and I love the hunts. But the more days I spent working on the timer so I can work on my mass-clicks for eggs, the more frustrated I got at how much time was being wasted versus how many eggs I no longer had waiting for me in the daycare. After three days, I just fell back into my old routine. I honestly dealt with slower hatching eggs (whether it's from other users interacting with my eggs or from the timer itself) than I dealt with having real time wasted. So here I am back to mass-clicking and only clicking back those who clicked me-- if I have the time. With this new update, however, I'm seeing a slight improvement already. I missed out on my "daily grind" last night so I'm doing it now. I barely clicked anything yet and I'm already at Lv. 4. It'll be nice to even make it to lv.6 that much more easily now since I'll soon be busier in real life than with something I just want to be fun and not like work
because if I'm honest, sometimes this site does feel like a job xD
, ahaha. I'll see how easy it is to get to Lv.10 and update this post as needed, but for now I'll be glad if I can get to 9 without feeling like even that's not worth clicking to. I hate that I love this place and being in real life equally. Edit 19 Mar 2020: While it is easier to get to 10 (or heck, even 9), I still don't feel it's worth changing my clicking habits. I may make the effort if I have high EHP eggs (like 10k or higher), but otherwise... it's still not worth it.

Note on Party Clicking

Edit: I know some people have suggested using the Party Stacker or et cetera to help with party clicks but here's my thing: I'm 100% against it because I like seeing what I'm feeding. I click for liked berries, not just to get the interaction point. I also loathe beyond all reason clicking anything less than 6 on a user. The only time I do click less than 6 is if they literally have only 1-5 monsters available to click. So if I see a party with les than 6, I skip them. It honestly saves me more time to skip them than it does to delve into their fields to find more. I feel like I click fast enough, but I have a field stacker CSS active and have a way easier time clicking through that than I ever will with parties (since they're always organized "randomly"). Clicking to 1500 in a few minutes isn't a possible thing for me.

Note on Mass-clicking

Edit 2: (Because I forgot to mention this and was reminded.) One thing I heavily noticed is that my eggs might hatch faster, but my field monsters are leveling drastically slower. I noticed this immediately upon the update, and it's continued up to this day. I was upgrading a Fighting badge at the time, and usually most of my freshly-hatched monsters are RTE within a few days. I had those "reserve" monsters in my fields, waiting to be fed so I can evolve them and finish out my badge. It took way longer beacause I ended up being the only person clicking them. People who usually mass-clicked my fields just 100% stopped, and I might get a user or two to delve into my fields, but they either only click one or two fields... or they stop after 1000. My fields are sorted by berry and stacked-- easiest type to click! And they all stopped. =|
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