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🧩The OC Daycare 4 - RP THREAD 🧩

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@flutter/@meri/@jirachi - giorno/fugo|shaw/cotton|jaci/pamyu|amanita dead? it thinks the purple entity is dead? nothing of the sort, he did not do so much as attack it! merely coax it into unconsciousness. much better for everyone involved. "not dead. sleeping. it does not appear to breathe through its mouth but i can hear the whisper of life still clinging to it. i would expect no less," he added, "considering i did not attack." before he could continue, the metal thing pushed the tiny dragon into one of the numerous venom pools dotted around the cave. no no no no no! that was extremely dangerous and painful! immediately shutting his eyes, his antenna stood straight up as the little clanging dragon began to float just above the toxic liquid's surface, before being gently set down on safe ground. spinning his now-open eyes to face the metal contraption in the shape of a rabbit, giorno glared at them. "that was extremely terrible of you to commit. if you are not wanting your joints to turn into wilting flowers, scattering you like dry bones with your metal mind still intact, act more courteous towards those made of flesh."
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Shaw just stood there, startled. That was quite a close call. He looked over at the... Celebi? "Hakamo-o..."
Cotton turned around and looked directly at the Celebi with a cold stare. They then turned and left, saying nothing. --- Starburst and Aiko looked at each other. "Steenee..?"
Should we go get one of the daycare people..?
Starburst glanced over at the Hoopa and nodded at Aiko, then proceeded to pick up the Hoopa. They cautiously headed toward the Cave, Aiko watching Cotton walk away. Who is that?
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Irina was silent until Giorno was well out of earshot, then groaned about both the encounter as a whole, as well as the vines he'd left behind on her. "Giorno... Kwfsokl U gol iee vudn ie jeq..." she grumbled. Hoping to rid herself of these pesky vines, she summoned a feather in each hand and threw them at some of the vines in her hair. Frankly, she hoped they'd pierce through and at the very least shorten them. And if anyone saw, she knew who to blame. @lati, whoever's near the entrance


"Giorno... Kwfsokl U gol iee vudn ie jeq..." = "Giorno... Perhaps I was too kind to you..."
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🌈pamyu - unknown cave - giorno/cotton/shaw/jaci🌈 Pamyu simply looked at Cotton, staring as the mechanical rabbit calmly strode out of the cave. She looked at the surrouding entities. She glanced at Giorno, then at Harold, and then at the direction the android bunny went. Maybe she could relate with it, it certainly didn't look like a pokeyman. They were both rabbits, and both manufactured.
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Shaw stood there, then noticed that Starburst and Aiko were standing at the cave entrance, Starburst holding the Hoopa. Starburst then handed the Hoopa over to Aiko, headed over to Shaw and grabbed him, avoiding the venom puddles. He brought Shaw out of the cave. He stared at Shaw with a "dude that's dangerous why were you in there" look. Shaw responds with "Hakamo-o mo??"
You... do realize I was asked to come here?
Starburst responds with, "Charmeleon char-"
Oh right- forgot-
As he's saying this he's looking around the cave from the entrance to find the two daycare people, maybe he can find them here so he can show them the Hoopa- oh, he found one but the other doesn't seem to be here... Unless the other one is a Nagandel- wait- oh it's asleep. Close call! He turns to Aiko and gestures for her to distance herself from the cave, and she does, somewhat struggling to hold the Hoopa. She's not very good at holding heavy things and the Hoopa apparently falls under the category of heavy. So Starburst takes the Hoopa back and forgets to talk to Jaci.
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Apperently, news has gone around about a new person joining, a banette in fact! suddenly, a small puddle of gray appears on the floor then a head pops out. it's a banette using it's ghost powers to come out of the ground, leaving a tiny bit of ectoplasmic goo on the ground. "wait... so this is the place? i like it!"
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Hishori and Star hadn’t done much, really. Star was considering wandering about, but knew Hishori would flip. So she stayed where she was.
Crimson reached the cliff that seemed fit for birdwatching. “Yeah... seems good. I’ll wait here for everyone else, s’pose....”
Kera had nervously arrived at the camp like area. “I guess it’s alright... really, it’s decent.” She slowly checks the area.
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Habuki grunted, having seen the dispute between Aikiko and Kuanda. " What's going on here? " she hissed, eyeing Kuanda suspiciously, Daichou hanging behind her meekly.

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☄️jaci - outside of the unknown cave - pamyu/giorno/aiko/starburst/harold shaw☄️ " Well, now that he's been temporarily silenced, the first thing on our schedule is Bird-Watching. " Jaci said, scanning a rather lengthy sheet.
“Nothing! We’re just having...a friendly discussion.” Kuanda stated, smirking. “Either way, it’s none of your business.” she said, her smile dropping. She quickly looked over Daichou and Habuki, assessing how big of a threat they were to her. Shade was wandering around, and eventually came across a cave. There were quite a few people just standing there. She decided to stay and figure out what they were doing.
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