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🧩The OC Daycare 4 - RP THREAD 🧩

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1. please be respectul ooc AND ic! 2. each post must be at least 2 sentences long 3. no /kill-ing people, please, not to that extent 4. up to 5 characters are allowed 5. please, no vulgar language 6. no gary stus/mary sues 7. no godmodding (taking over people's characters) 8. any fandom is allowed, go crazy fam!


🧩rp summary🧩

the daycare has just opened, pamyu and jaci greet characters of all shapes and sizes, some are getting aquainted to each other, while some decide to cause trouble.
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Starburst enters the daycare with Aiko beside him. He looks around. There's more things here then before, it seems... Shaw then walks in and takes his spot on the other side of Starburst, since he doesn't want to hurt Aiko somehow. Shaw then asks Starburst, "Hakamo-o?"
Have you been here before..?
Starburst doesn't respond. He's thinking of a response. Aiko stays besides Starburst but looks around at the new things. She wonders how all of this got here.
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🌈pamyu - daycare entrance - aiko/starburst/shaw🌈 A tall, presumably stuffed toy stood by the entrance, along with what looked like a more lemur-like carebear. The stuffed toy, turned around, and bounded over to greet the pokemon, her girlfriend two steps behind her. It was very easy to mistake the bunny as something from Toys-R-Us, she looked like a 2000's kid toy, after all. " Welcome to the Daycare! I'm Pamyu, and this is Jaci!" she said, pointing at her companion, the lemur waved at the trio
Starburst looked at Pamyu with surprise. "Char."
Oh, hello.
Aiko also said something. "steenee!"
Meanwhile Shaw is just trying to figure out what Pamyu is, because she looks like a stuffed toy and that doesn't seem right. So he's a little focused on Pamyu.
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Sshshhihll was pressed again the outside wall nervous to go in. She had hid and spied on the things that went in, and she didn't recognize them from anywhere. Were they animals? Oh, another was coming! She slipped away into the shadows. Ninten, meanwhile, was psyched to be here. He didn't know if his other friends could make it, but he had invited them and by god he was gonna be there waiting for them. He peeked his head inside the entrance. "Hello? Anyone here??"

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☄️jaci - daycare entrance - ninten☄️ So these were Pokeymon! They looked really cute upclose! Before she could add to what Pamyu said, a tiny fox with a baseball cap trotted in. " Yes, somebody's here, welcome to ! " Being an imaginary friend would surely help in raising a bunch of cute, tiny, petite, animals! 🌈pamyu - daycare entrance - shaw/ninten/jaci🌈 " Yes, I'm sort of a stuffed toy! Do you know..." Pamyu leaned in, and whispered to her girlfriend, " What do they call Santa, these Pokeymon? " " I think they call it Delibird, it's like a christmas delivery bird. " " Yes, so Delibird from where we are, he granted every toy with a life, so basically all toys are alive. "
* wow merin, how original! i think a movie called toy story stole this concept!
Shaw still seemed confused for a moment, but then he understood. "Hakamo-o."
Oh, alright.
Starburst has apparently got lost in his thought. Aiko glanced over at Ninten but returned her focus to Jaci and Pamyu.
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A lanky, fox-like create snorted, she was just at the back of the walled daycare, trying to find a way to sneak in. " Dammit, they got smarter. Daichou can't even fly us that high. " it snorted. A cat standing by her tried climbing the wall, but to no avail. " No doubt they'll think we're shady, we'll have to get in by saying we're volunteers. "
A small green portal opened up in the sky, and a small creature fell through it. Hastily casting slow fall, Puntme took the time to glance around, and reorient herself, figuring out that no, she most definitely was not in the same place she was before tripping. Upon reaching the ground, she glanced around. “Smaldwarf?” She asked quietly, finding no sign of her best friend. “Where am I..?” she muttered to herself, finding herself in front of the entrance to a walled...area. Shade was just...walking along, having decided to visit one of the places she had spent the most time in. “Well, they...renovated.” She said to herself, finding herself at a big wall that most definitely was not there before.
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Hyacinth enters the daycare rather quickly, and stares down the scenery of both the inside and out. It's a new place for her, but she's come alone, and definitely hopes to meet more people. At the moment she doesn't directly see anyone, and is thus left to exploration. She tries to find a map, or at least someone nearby to explain more of this Daycare to her.

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