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"So you really love Mocha, don't you?"
A braixen wearing a big pink bow was working in a café. Her rich mother always wanted the best for her family, so she got her to work at Pasteriez Café, one of the most fullest café in all of Pawstelli. Due to people's love of the sights of Kalos and Aloha, Pawstelli was placed inbetween the two places so tourists could come. It was a very well- decorated place, lots of apartments having to be built. "You gonna give it, or have I spent 5 credits on nothing?" "You haven't even given me the 5 creds." A customer she was serving never was polite to her. But when her mother comes, they are always polite, in their own way. Things never changed. Sigh."All right, fine." The stubborn steenee moaned, slapping 5 credits on the counter. "Hurry up, ain't got all day. That was her last order for the day. Pins and needles in her legs, she came out of the shop, and climbed on a tree, not normal for braixens to do... I mean, could be for tsareenas to do.
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