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A Box Full Of Ghosts

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Hello! This is a Ghost-type question and answer thread! Please feel free to ask either myself or my fellow Ghost enthusiast Sin about any Ghost-type! Please tell us who you are asking and refer to us as the preferred nicknames below! Server-Slayer: Sin, Sinnamon JirachiAJ: Jirachi, AJ We look forward to your questions!
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Bump so this doesn’t vanish-
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Queary! Do Dusknoir have tongues?

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Hello! No, Dusknoir do not have tongues. Dusknoir are known to be a transporter of souls. Seeing as its mouth is most likely on its stomach, the same place the souls being transferred are held, a tongue would be a hindrance to both the Pokemon and the soul.
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Banette is say to lose their energy when they open their mouth, does that mean that mine is going to die if I pet them? ;; (From pokemon xy Amie)
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While it is true that Banette lose energy when opening their mouths, as long as they aren’t open for too long, no energy will leak. In addition, your Banette’s energy can refill if negative emotions are present.
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pokemon need to eat, right? How does mimikyu eat if she/he doesn't take off the pikachu disguise?
PartingStar's AvatarPartingStar
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They simply slip the food under the disguise, then feast on whatever the treat may be.
Do Chandelure have mouths? The stich part could be one but I haven't seen it open before XD
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