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Smash Manor! (OPEN)

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Hey! Ever wonder what happens when you're not playing Smash Bros? Where do they go? What happens to your favorite characters when they're not in the heat of a battle? Well, look no further than Smash Manor! The living place of all the fighters in Super Smash Bros. history, as well as the Assist Trophies! When you put down your game, the fighters you chose go back here to relax after a hard day's work!

Rules of the Manor!

- Be kind to your fellow RPers! You character can be a jerk, but i draw the line at you being nasty to anyone else! - Make sure your text is readable, please! Use proper grammar as well please! We all want to be able to read your replies! - 3 characters max! - No alternate costumes for characters! If a character has an alternate costume that changes them into a different character(male and female Robin, Olimar and Alph, The Inklings, ect.), then that's okay. - The Mii fighters are allowed. - Once a character is taken, they're taken! This applies to alternate costumes as well. - Romance is allowed, but let's keep this family friendly, okay? - Violence is also allowed, seeing as how Smash Bros is a fighting game, though again, keep it PG. - This is a casual roleplay! Kick back an relax! We're all here to have fun! - If you break any of these rules, you get a warning. Three strikes and you're outta here. WARNING ONE: None WARNING TWO: None BANNED FROM THE RP: No one. Let's keep it that way.

Choose your Fighter!

Username: Character name: Gender: Age: Sexuality: Appearance: Personality: Backstory (optional):


marx's characters!!

Angel (Agent Three Inkling)

Character name: Angel (Most people know her as Agent Three though) Gender: Female Age: 17 Sexuality: Lesbian Appearance: official ssbu art!! Personality: Angel can come off as abrasive and cold, but she does in fact mean the best. Rather chill, almost like a mom friend once you get to know her. Backstory: Trained by the legendary New Squidbeak Splatoon, Angel is a skilled fighter with a love for battle. In Inkopolis, her home city, she used to live with her girlfriend Sandy before getting an invitation to Smash Bros. Angel misses her, along with her younger brother Lance, and the rest of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.


Character name: Isabelle Gender: Female Age: 28(dog years), 4(human years) Sexuality: Bisexual Appearance: official ssbu artwork! Personality: Backstory (optional): Isabelle is from the same town as the Villager, and she was (and still is on her time off) the secretary of the town. She was rather dedicated to her work. After getting an invite to Smash, she gave the duties of the town to her twin brother Digby, and set off for the Manor

snivy's characters!!

ren's characters!!

charlotte's characters!!

gracidea's characters!!

icee's characters!!

banner code!!

background found here banner by me!! template coded by octoren
icon is a screenshot from splatoon!! callie, as well as splatoon, are owned by nintendo!!
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OwO, what's this?


Username: SnivyQueen15 Character name: Pichu Gender: Male Age: Around 9 in human years, level 15. (Just a thought. Sexuality: Straight (I mean, it IS a Pokemon. How can I tell?) Appearance: Regular. Personality: Aloof and optimistic, he'll fight even if at a disadvantage. He doesn't even mind getting hurt by his own attacks. Backstory (optional): He was a regular Pichu prior to Smash. However, he was invited to Melee, and he never showed up to the others up until Ultimate, where he was invited once more.

Editing for someone else!

Username: SnivyQueen15 Character name: Larry Gender: Male Age: Probs 15, not sure. Sexuality: Straight. Appearance:

Art by me

Personality: A little rambunctious yet still has a bit of a nervous side to him. Could literally eat anything. Backstory (optional):
Typerace: 0
Made by Fuchsfee
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bro... bro thank you for joining bro. welcome to the manor bro.
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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ok bro.
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Might join a little later. I don't have the time to devote rn! *silent subs*
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Made by popcorn8784
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that's okay!! take your time!! join in when you feel like it!!
RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
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Take one look at my profile and you're gonna see who I'm gonna be picking for this rp (and who I main)

just eating hamburgers from the trash

Username: RenCringe Character name: Ness Gender: Male Age 13 Appearance: Official SSBU art/Official clay model Personality: Fairly outgoing, if not a little sheepish. Being an OG member of Smash, he knows his way around and is pretty good at making friends. He's fine with fighting for fun and fighting in general, but prefers to have time to prepare. Once you get to know him, he likes to crack jokes and make people laugh. He does get more nervous around antagonistic characters, but tries not to judge them by that. Backstory: Awakened one night by a meteor containing an alien fly, Ness set off to save the world, collecting friends and PK along the way. Successfully fulfilling their destiny, their gang went on with their normal lives for maybe a year or so. Then, Ness received his invite to Smash. Excited at first due to the possibility of meeting characters from his favorite video games, he then realized he didn't have the best attack movepool. Seeking help from his friends Paula and Poo, they taught him some stronger PK techniques so he could hold his ground. The first two tournaments were rather smooth, but the third ended up having him stuck as a trophy for quite a while whilst trying to help Lucas. Thankfully, that didn't last forever, and the fighters ended up defeating the opposing force. Another tournament without incident, and then during the fifth one he unfortunately got obliterated by Galeem and possessed. Thankfully yet again, that was taken care of and he's all good now. Hopefully nothing else big happens next tournament..

my name-- -gets shot-

Username: RenCringe Character name: Jeff Gender: Male Age: 13 Sexuality: Gay Appearance: Official SSBU render/Official clay model Personality: He's pretty excited about Smash each time, always loving to see what technology other characters have. He doesn't outright ask these things though, due to him having social anxiety around most of the characters. He does tend to be a recluse no matter your friendship status, always working on a new invention. This leads to him being awake at ungodly hours, and that leads to tiredness. Backstory: When Ness was invited to the first two tournaments, Jeff was immediately interested. When he was told he could enter the third as an assisting character, he was really interested. Well, apparently some not overly good things happened and the world almost ended, but he was too busy to get too involved unfortunately. So for his first two tournaments, he was doing well. However, he wasn't spared from Galeem's big frickening. Being forced to fight alongside 3 strange creatures you half-control by force is not an experience he'd like to repeat. To his relief, after he witnessed the world saved a second time, everything calmed down and he could properly meet more of the fighters he hadn't met before. That means more technology for him to see!

somebody get this kid therapy

Username: RenCringe Character name: Lucas Gender: Male Age: 13 Appearance: Official SSBU art/Fanmade clay model Personality: Honestly, Lucas was a very unconventional kid to invite to Smash. He's very shy, usually relying on his newfound friends Ness and Jeff to handle all the social interactions. He really doesn't like fighting unless necessary, and even then panics if he harms anyone greatly. Once you get past the shy exterior, however, he's very polite and kind. He never judges anything or anyone by their cover. He's also sympathetic, especially about death of loved ones. Backstory: The time he was invited to join Smash wasn't overly convenient, as he had just reset the world and lost half of his family. However, his friend Kumatora thought it would do him good to learn how to fight. Thus, she taught him some PK she knew. And what do you know, right as he joined he encountered the murderer of his family, as well as seeing the other fighter from his 'franchise' (whatever that meant) get stolen right before his eyes. Wario is never going to be on his good side after that. Thankfully, after that whole debocle, he got to experience Smash for what it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, he got possessed by a spirit. This kid can't catch a break. Finally, he's back to fighting in a non-life-or-death situation, and is sticking close to Ness and Jeff as they seem more experienced than him. Let's hope he can get some chill time.

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ren. ren. ren, look at me. ren to ren. ren, you can only have three characters at max. the characters in their final smashes ARE eligible to be in the rp, but only three characters.
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Oh snap I missed that part-- uh lemme just edit that i'm so sorry this was at like 1 am that i wrote all that
Question are we allowed to make our own characters??
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