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Pwyw shelter hunting (and more)

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Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
I also have 2 pwyw fields, deltas field, and several UFT fields
I collect ice deltas! ...and aesthetic kanto deltas as well
Sofeek's AvatarSofeek
Sofeek's Avatar
Hello again! May I request these for 30gp? Male Naughty/Lonely Snubbull Male Naughty/Lonely Oricorio Thank you!
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Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
Of course ..(I just needed you to post here so I dont forget hahahha)
Hi there! How much would you consider fair for that orbeetle in your pwyw field? Would 10k credits be okay?
Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
Yep that's fine
Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
frøst1595's Avatarfrøst1595
frøst1595's Avatar
im gathering pepyres, if you find any of those in the shelter id love to get them from ya can i also buy zygard and death star electrode please
Shiny Charm Box/Charm Rental & Dead to Live Charm Swap & X/★ Pass Rentals At Frosts Trade Shop!
1/1000 Sashes Till Hunt!
29/1000 Sashes Till Hunt!
All art work done by TLCander10
MisterAsian's AvatarMisterAsian
MisterAsian's Avatar
Can i buy your brushiwi and arthreux for 20k? And can you find me a male and female anorith for 5k each
Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
Sure thing

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