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LF: specific deltas

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Darexxis's AvatarDarexxis
Darexxis's Avatar
im looking for a hand full of deltas with the ANY berry pref lower stages are welcome to but not higher name your price i can have: 200k credits gems delta swaps 144gp 29 ZC what i offer for multiple: Manectite Q for 2 deltas Korokunite Q for 3 deltas Garchompite for 3 deltas Blastoisinite for 5 deltas OR 2 eevee/dratini deltas

gem list

Normal x33 x0
Fire x14 x0
Water x103 x0
Electric x64 x0
Grass x20 x0
Ice x31 x0
Fighting x34 x0
Poison x28 x0
Ground x79 x0
Flying x20 x0
Psychic x23 x0
Bug x216 x0
Rock x297 x1
Ghost x8 x0
Dragon x90 x0
Dark x55 x0
Steel x6 x0
Fairy x8 x0
--Pikachu-- ice fairy poison ghost dragon --Mime Jr.-- dark grass ghost flying psychic --Eevee-- ice psychic water --Dragonite-- dragon fight ghost flying --Mimikyu-- steel psychic flying grass --Aipom-- fight flying ghost grass --Swellow-- ice flying psychic ghost --Delcatty-- ice water --Cacturne-- dark fight flying ghost --Lopunny-- fight ice psychic water fairy --Servine-- normal ice psychic water --Braixen-- posion psychic grass water --Brionne-- fairy water ghost grass electric --Rockruff-- fight HAVE




















For eevees or dratini/dragonite


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ScarletRain's AvatarScarletRain
ScarletRain's Avatar
Hello! I don't have any deltas to offer, but I think this thread will be very helpful for You ^^
Darexxis's AvatarDarexxis
Darexxis's Avatar
^^ hello thanks i was already sub to that one XD
ScarletRain's AvatarScarletRain
ScarletRain's Avatar
Oh I see xD I just saw she had some pokemon from Your list, that's why I thought you didn't see it xD
Darexxis's AvatarDarexxis
Darexxis's Avatar
yeah im double tasking i made a checklist and thought i post it here and i look there ad the same time XD
KisukeM's AvatarKisukeM
KisukeM's Avatar
I have a psychic eevee and grass rockruff. Idk how to price deltas so its pwyw
Darexxis's AvatarDarexxis
Darexxis's Avatar
if they are the any berry type then i would love to buy them both for 80k credits?
KisukeM's AvatarKisukeM
KisukeM's Avatar
Oof. Sorry I missed that part. I have a grass rockruff that is but not the eevee. I'll send it over to you for 40k
Darexxis's AvatarDarexxis
Darexxis's Avatar
^^ its okay and thank you
Darexxis's AvatarDarexxis
Darexxis's Avatar
early bump because new pokemons added & add zc to my payment

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