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Type race + lab egg tournament

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JDPCraft's AvatarJDPCraft
JDPCraft's Avatar
I happened to realize that while the type race was going on, theres a weekly tournament to adopt and hatch eggs from the lab, and that any valid point-scoring eggs will not break shiny chains. However, I wanted to confirm if this was still the case even with the type race going on so that I don’t accidentally lose my 1.6k+ ralts chain that i have going from simply hatching a scorbunny egg that came from the lab.
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Yay's AvatarYay
Yay's Avatar
I rarely do the type race so I don’t have a straight answer, but I can tell you that the site will ask for confirmation before you’re about to break your chain. So you can use that as a litmus test, so to speak. Edit: after looking at your page I realized you’re not hatching the scorbunny for the type race. In that case it only applies to type race eggs. So you’re going to have to wait to hatch the scorbunny.
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Quinterra's AvatarQuinterra
Quinterra's Avatar
Re-read the tournament. It doesn't say lab, it says shelter.
Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
The type race has no influence on the tournament. As long as it says shiny chains won't break on the tournament page, you're safe as long as you follow the rules for that (so for example hatch eggs from the shelter)
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JDPCraft's AvatarJDPCraft
JDPCraft's Avatar
I’m not really sure how I misread shelter as lab, but at least now I know that I read the tournament wrong and that I am supposed to hatch shelter eggs, not lab eggs.

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