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Lonely's Little Trade Shop (Summons, Gems, S/A, RTE, Custom Hunt

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Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
  • Rules, etc.
  • Summons, etc.
  • Gems
  • Box Hunts
  • Rentals
  • Buying


  • All PFQ rules apply! (obviously)
  • State what you want and what you're offering for it clearly please. This includes amounts of currency!
  • I reserve the right to decline any trade offer. Period.
  • I reserve the right to rescind any offer/acceptance if I have received no response from you within 48 hours.
  • If you offer please subscribe. I don't have the time or energy to track you down, and I will not.
  • Please read the information on individual tabs! I have some rules that are section specific.
  • I will not do currency exchanges.
  • I offer things on a first come, first served basis.
  • I will always send the trade(s), unless my trade slots are full or I'm basing the order off of your online availability.
  • Do not re-sell my items for a a profit! If you no longer need it, you have my permission to re-sell them only at the same or lower cost from what you paid for it in the first place.
  • Unless otherwise stated, I do not haggle with my prices.
  • Keep in mind: this code is not always easy to maintain. Please be understanding if I no longer have a pokemon that is still listed. Most inventory based items will update automatically.

Alternate Currency

I follow the current market conversion rate: 5k :: 5 :: 1 I also accept offers with things other than currency. See below for what I will take and their values.
Item Value Item Value
25k / 25 / 5
relic copper
25k / 25 / 5
relic silver
55k / 55 / 11
relic gold
125k / 125 / 25
medium steel/dragon
30k / 30 / 6
any other gem
15k / 15 / 3
70k / 70 / 14
500k / 500 / 100
tournament tokens
100k / 100 / 20
daycare passes
15k / 15 / 3
white stone
350k / 350 / 70
other summons
Market Price

Navigation + FAQ

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  • Summons
  • Z-crystals/Fragments
  • Megastones
  • Arceus Plates
  • Tournament Tokens
  • Fossils
  • Gems
  • Box Hunts
  • Charm Rentals/Swaps
  • Shelter Pass Rentals
  • Buying!
  • Specials (S/A/D)
  • Custom Hunts
  • RTEs
  • Dexes
  • Breeding Pairs


  • Are you willing to take items other than what's listed? - Yes! Please feel free to ask.
  • I want something of yours, but can't pay right now. Can I ask for a hold? - Also yes! Please PM me. I will hold for up to a week.

Advertising / Affiliates

My Shop!

If you like the way I run my shop, please consider advertising for me!

Button Code



Here are some shops I frequent for my personal needs, and ones that I highly recommend if I don't have what you want! If you advertise my shop, please PM me and I'll be happy to place yours here! ○ Rocky Hills Farm Store (Summons, Dexing, RTE, S/A, Gems) ○ This shop is run by the absolute kindest person who has helped me so much; I can't thank them enough! They've got an amazing selection of RTE pokemon, gems and summons! ○ F&F Trade Shop ~ Pokemon, Items, Gems, and more! ○ Another great shop run by some incredible people! If you're looking for gems, summons, or shinies I don't have, check here! FatalDubstep also rents out breeding pairs for those who need eggdex entries~ ○ Ray's Trade Shop (S/A/D, Custom Pairs, Summons, and more!) ○ I buy pretty much all of my breeding pairs from this user with very few exceptions~ Their custom pair service is a life-saver, and always very speedy! They've also got a great selection of specials and summons, as well as other miscellaneous services! ○ WooSang Haven - S/A, RTE, Custom Hunts + ○ winteryEthereal is a good friend of mine! She and her shop partner Yeosang sell well-priced specials, RTE pokemon, and even offer custom hunts for those who want a shiny they haven't found anywhere else!
See a price of mine above current market value? Feel free to offer me the updated amount! I'm also collecting White Stones for a future Reshiram hunt. See my buying section in the next post for the price I purchase them at!


Will also take swaps at market value! They are not always 1:1
Summon Item Pricing Summon Item Pricing
sapphire orb
x 1
375k / 375 / 75
ruby orb
x 1
275k / 275 / 55
x 1
275k / 275 / 55
cobalt epee
x 13
175k / 175 / 35
fujin's lamp
x 1
125k / 125 / 25
raijin's lamp
x 2
200k / 200 / 40
inari's lamp
x 1
225k / 225 / 45
gray stone
x 3
350k / 350 / 70
death wing
x 1
300k / 300 / 60
komainu figurine
x 1
275k / 275 / 55
kane idol
x 2
200k / 200 / 40
eclipse flute
x 1
800k / 800 / 160
Prices updated as of: 04/Aug/2020 22:43

Z-Crystals and Fragments (Swaps only!)

I will also swap for crystals/fragments that are not my wanted types! Just as long as you aren't asking for a wanted/NFT in return.
NFT Types: LF Types:
Z-Crystals and Fragments (for swap ONLY!!)
x 1
firium fragment
x 5
waterium fragment
x 1
electricium fragment
x 2
grassium fragment
x 0
icium fragment
x 0
fightinium fragment
x 9
poisonium fragment
x 7
groundium fragment
x 4
flyinium fragment
x 6
psychium fragment
x 0
buginium fragment
x 1
rockium fragment
x 2
ghostium fragment
x 0
dragonium fragment
x 1
darkinium fragment
x 5
steelium fragment
x 4
fairium fragment
x 1
Fragment Total: 49
normalium z
x 0
firium z
x 0
waterium z
x 3
electricium z
x 3
grassium z
x 0
icium z
x 0
fightinium z
x 7
poisonium z
x 0
groundium z
x 2
flyinium z
x 2
psychium z
x 0
buginium z
x 1
rockium z
x 2
ghostium z
x 1
dragonium z
x 1
darkinium z
x 2
steelium z
x 2
fairium z
x 0
Crystal Total: 26

Mega Stones

Item Pricing Item Pricing
x 2
250k / 250 / 50
arbokite q
x 1
250k / 250 / 50
bunborite q
x 1
250k / 250 / 50
lumineonite q
x 1
100k / 100 / 20
ninetaleite q
x 1
250k / 250 / 50
noivernite q
x 1
150k / 150 / 30
x 1
125k / 125 / 25
x 1
225k / 225 / 45
wailordite q
x 1
200k / 200 / 40
x 1
125k / 125 / 25
Prices updated as of: 29/Jul/2020 23:31

Other Items (Plates, Tokens, Fossils, etc)

Plates (50k/50GP/10ZC each)
iron plate
x 1
dread plate
x 1
fist plate
x 1
mind plate
x 2
spooky plate
x 1
toxic plate
x 1
splash plate
x 1
Tournament Tokens
x 4 100k / 100 / 20
Fossils (25k/25GP/5ZC)
dome fossil
x 0
old amber
x 0
root fossil
x 0
claw fossil
x 0
armour fossil
x 0
cover fossil
x 0
plume fossil
x 0
jaw fossil
x 0
As of right now: I prefer swapping! Working on badges slowly, but surely. Currently looking for!: Will not take: 1:1 for swaps except steel/dragon (2:1)
Type Small Medium Type Small Medium
x 9 x 66 x 1 x 4
x 13 x 104 x 5 x 13
x NFT x 0 x 2 x 5
x 3 x 0 x 7 x 7
x 11 x 0 x 0 x 0
x 4 x 5 x 4 x 6
x 0 x 0 x 7 x 0
x 8 x 1 x 0 x 0
x NFT x 0 x 11 x 0
Pricing (All but Dragon/Steel)
Small Medium
1.5k 2 for 3 15k 15 / 3
Dragon and Steel
Small Medium
3k 3 30k 30 / 6
I will hunt a MAX of 2 box boxes per user, and will only accept slots for five users at a time! So check back periodically to see if my list has opened up! Once I have filled an order, a PM will be sent to the user who ordered it to alert them. Stock will be held for a week. After that, the order will be given to the next person on the list.
this service is currently CLOSED
Pricing: 500k / 500 / 100 I may be persuaded with summons/shinies/etc! Offer away.
User Hunt Amount Payment
CLOSED ----- -----
CLOSED ----- -----
CLOSED ----- -----
CLOSED ----- -----
CLOSED ----- -----

Charm + Box Rentals

I will rent out both my and together for . . . 50k / 50 / 10 I will also rent out just the if you have your own shiny charm for 20k / 20 / 4


  • Activate the charm immediately once you've accepted my trade!
  • If you lose any of my shiny charms, you will be held responsible for replacing it. You have been warned.

Dead to Live Charm Swapping

My current charm counts:
Live Dead Charging
x16 x4 x0
(I have 20 charms, total)
I will swap you one of my live charms for: Your
dead charm
+ 35/equiv. (GP is always preferred. Other currencies are accepted, however)

X/★ Pass Rentals

I am happy to rent out some of the passes I have for your use! Please see below for availability and pricing.
Shelter Pass X Shelter Pass ★
x1 x1
Until reset: 20k / 20 / 4 Until reset: 50k / 50 / 10
3 days: 50k / 50 / 10 3 days: 125k / 125 / 25
Prolonged use?: Please ask! I'm new to rentals ^.^
Current ★ holder: N/A Current X holder: N/A Note: I have an extra ★ pass that I rent out If the ★ pass count is 0 and you only need the pass until reset, please ask me. I may be willing to rent out my personal pass.
I'm always looking for certain items to further my personal goals! Check below for what things I am looking for and what prices I'm buying them at! Based on my current needs/currency available, I may deny your request to buy! Please keep this in mind when offering. Hover for an important note!
I rarely keep more that 1mil / 1k on hand. I usually have more in my safe, so please feel free to ask if you are looking for me to buy something with more currency than shown above.
Credits GP ZC
x1,087,249 x941 x899
All items are listed in the currency I prefer to buy them in! Exceptions may be made, but not usually. RTEs are always listed in credits for simplicity's sake.


Item Price Item Price
any z-fragments
any z-crystal
daycare passes
daycare passes x60
white stone
relic copper
relic silver
relic gold
relic vase
other relics
MP /
Please make sure to ask! I'm picky about which I will buy~


I've really doubled down on upgrading my badges, and so now I'm looking for RTEs! This page will (hopefully) remain updated with the amount of RTEs I need for each badge I'm currently working on.
Type Number needed Offering price
420 2k per evo

Specials (S/A)

I'm looking to eventually hit SHINY rank! However, I'm still missing a good number of dexes, and so I'd love to buy the base forms of those pokemon~ Please see this post in my journal for the list of shinies I need (sorted by region) Please either post here or send me a PM if you have any of these UFT in my preferred natures! (Lonely/Serious!)
created by Lonely Heart for Lonely Heart's use only
Hiya! I'm Lonely. A verified nervous wreck >.<' I have a bad habit of not responding to messages. Bump if important please! ♡ Journal18+ JournalLF specials + Special dexes !!
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
  • S/A/D
  • Custom Hunts
  • RTEs
  • Dexes
  • Breeding Pairs

Price Table

Shinies and albinos are the same price!
EHP Price
1,280 - 2,560 EHP 25k / 25 / 5 / 1 box
3,840 EHP 50k / 50 / 10 / 2 box
5,120 EHP 75k / 75 / 15 / 3 box
6,400 - 7,680 EHP 100k / 100 / 20 / 4 box
8,960 EHP 125k / 125 / 25 / 5 box
10,240 EHP 150k / 150 / 30 / 6 box
Buy 10+ specials, get them all at DP price! Or my price, whichever is lower

Hunt Slots

Current Hunt: Piplup
User Order Payment Filled?
OPEN ------ ------ ------
OPEN ------ ------ ------
OPEN ------ ------ ------
OPEN ------ ------ ------
OPEN ------ ------ ------


[b]Lonely, bring me back something from your hunt![/b] [u]Username[/u]: [u]Type?[/u]: (shiny/albino) [u]Number[/u]: [u]Gender specific?[/u]: [u]Payment[/u]:

Store Stock

Important to note!

Please double-check my fields for stock/natures before posting! If you want a specific gender/nature, please link it. I will not go search for it.

3 , 840 EHP

5 , 120 EHP


I have a field full of miscellaneous deltas! Please take a look and link any you are interested in when you post. I don't have a set price for deltas, so please offer! I am looking for fair prices though.

Special Rules

  • There are some things I will not hunt! These are: melans, deltas, variants/exclusives, legendaries
  • I can accommodate gender/nature requests for these hunts. I must know at the time of the order, though!
  • Please note that I may not begin these hunts immediately. I may be in the middle of a chain that I don't want to break
  • You can cancel your hunt order up until the time at which I begin it!


[b]Lonely, I want something special![/b] [u]Username[/u]: [u]Pokemon[/u]: [u]Type?[/u]: (shiny/albino) [u]Number[/u]: [u]Gender specific?[/u]: [u]Nature Specific?[/u]: [u]Payment[/u]:


User Pokemon Type/Number Gender/Nature? Payment
saturdaylemon Swinub Shiny; 1 N/A 75GP
OPEN ------ ------ ------ ------
OPEN ------ ------ ------ ------
OPEN ------ ------ ------ ------
OPEN ------ ------ ------ ------

Price Table

Types Price
Dragon 4k/4
All others 2k/2
I will not accept ZC for these! GP/credits only

RTE Stock

Pokemon # available # Evos Evo types
75 150 /
13 13
13 13
194 388 /
galarian zigzagoon
294 588
galarian linoone (during night)
63 63
21 42
38 38

Special Rules

  • Do not go offline with any of my pokemon
  • Please return them in a timely manner (preferrably within 5 minutes
  • Do not evolve, rename, or take items from any of my pokemon.
  • If they are EXP locked, do not unlock them.
  • You may write in their descriptions! I like to read the messages, especially on my melans ^^


[b]Lonely, fill my dex![/b] [u]Username[/u]: [u]Wanted Dexes[/u]: (include S/A/M/Mega!) [u]Hours online[/u]: (so I can coordinate when to send) [u]Payment[/u]:

Available Dexes

Looking for normal shiny/albino dexes? If you have a journal post/list of your needed dexes, please PM me! I'm happy to sort through my personal shiny collection and see what I can offer you.

Special Formes

Price: pwyw

Albino Oricorio (Pointe Forme)
Shiny Rotom (Fan Forme)
Shiny Rotom (Frost Forme)
Shiny Rotom (Heat Forme)
Shiny Rotom (Mow Forme)
Shiny Rotom (Wash Forme)


Price: 5k/5GP

Melan Gligar
Melan Yamask (Unova)
Melan Helioptile
Melan Kawotor
Melan Butterfree
Melan Honedge


Price: 2k/2GP

Mega Kangspar
Shiny Mega Lunupine
Shiny Mega Milotic
Shiny Kyukori
Albino Mega Leafeon
Mega Leafeon
Shiny Mega Lumineon
Mega Solynx
Shiny Mega Audino
Mega Lopunny
Albino Mega Sylveon
Shiny Mega Jynx
Shiny Mega Liepard
Shiny Mega Ninetales
Shiny Mega Slowbro
Shiny Mega Camerupt
Shiny Mega Kangaskhan
Shiny Mega Scrafty
Shiny Mega Farfetch'd
Shiny Mega Rapidash
Shiny Mega Gogoat
Shiny Mega Girafarig
Shiny Mega Persian
Shiny Mega Butterfree
Shiny Mega Seviper
Shiny Mega Alolan Marowak
Shiny Mega Beedrill
Shiny Mega Lucario
Shiny Mega Goodra
Albino Mega Gardevoir
Shiny Mega Dewgong
Shiny Mega Furret


Price: 2k/2GP

Shiny Totem Araquanid
Shiny Totem Maractus
Totem Snow Vespiquen

Silvally + Arceus (Champion Rank Only!)

I'm happy to dex out my Silvally/Arceus/Albino Arceus and whatever plates I have! Please see below for prices and availability.
Available Memories
fire memory
water memory
electric memory
grass memory
ice memory
fighting memory
poison memory
ground memory
flying memory
psychic memory
bug memory
rock memory
ghost memory
dragon memory
dark memory
steel memory
fairy memory
Price per dex: 5k / 5
Price (full set): 50k / 50
Available Memories
flame plate
splash plate
zap plate
meadow plate
icicle plate
fist plate
toxic plate
earth plate
sky plate
mind plate
insect plate
stone plate
spooky plate
draco plate
dread plate
iron plate
pixie plate
Price per dex: Normal: 5k / 5 Albino: 15k / 15
Price (full set): Normal: 50k / 50 Albino: 150k / 15o
Here I'll be putting breeding pairs I no longer need up for sale! Hover over the icon of the pokemon to see percentage and natures.


Pair Type Price
Normal 20k / 20 / 4
Variant/Exclusive 50k / 50 / 10

Pair Stock

Normal Pairs

I'll update this section periodically (usually after a hunt), so keep you eyes open if you're looking for a specific pair of mine!
Mimikyu 99% (Naive/Timid)
Furfrou 91% (Gentle/Relaxed
Amaura 91% (Adamant/Hasty)
Hippopotas 92% (Impish/Jolly)
Castform 98% (Hardy/Serious)
Nickit 98% (Adamant x2)
Seel 97% (Serious/Lonely)
Axew 99% (Quiet/Timid)
Sneasel 95% (Lax/Docile)
Stufful 98% (Naive x2)
Marill 98% (Rash/Naive)
Eevee 95% (Naive/Relaxed)
Noibat 98% (Docile/Serious)
Yamask 98% (Rash/Naive)
Pumpkaboo 91% (Adamant/Brave)
Scatterbug 99% (Quirky/Hasty)
Helioptile 99% (Hasty/Naughty)
Finneon 99% (Hasty/Adamant)
Trapinch 94% (Relaxed/Jolly)
Spritzee 98% (Sassy/Rash)
Inkay 98% (Sassy/Naughty)
Oricorio 99% (Jolly/Timid)
Roggenrola 98% (Lonely x2)
Absol 99% (Lax/Docile)
Galarian Zigzagoon 98% (Gentle/Rash)
Goomy 98% (Sassy/Serious)
Pancham 95% (Lonely/Quirky)

Variant/exclusive Pairs

Koroku 98% (Bashful/Hardy)
EB Natu 99% (Bashful/Impish)
Apocalyptic Poochyena 97% (Quirky/Timid)
Vampite Gligar 96% (Gentle/Quiet)
Scaracross 99% (Brave/Carefu)
Glileo 96% (Quirky/Docile)
Shinxel 95% (Impish/Lax)
Seasonal Turtwig 93% (Adamant/Careful)
Hallowe'en Purrloin 96% (Hasty/Impish)
Shooting Star Cleffa 96% (Quiet/Jolly)
Blue Moon Slugma 95% (Lonely/Bashful)
Saiyan Rattata 98% (Docile/Calm)
Apocalyptic Growlithe 96% (Adamant/Quiet)
Ardik 92% (Sassy/Impish)
Skeleco 92% (Jolly x2)
Searene 98% (Serious x2)
Wagell 96% (Naughty/Jolly)
Faemueno 96% (Naive/Hasty)
Maravol 97% (Naughty/Adamant)
Kinaster 99% (Brave/Hardy)
Orthrus Houndour 99% (Timid/Naughty)
Hydrark 99% (Modest/Sassy)
Kawotor 99% (Relaxed/Hardy)
created by Lonely Heart for Lonely Heart's use only
Dhejavu's AvatarDhejavu
Dhejavu's Avatar
125k for your relic gold? ^^
F2U Swan Wings, https://www.deviantart.com/strobelast/art/f2u-pixel-swan-wings-773159513
F2U Tiny Wing, https://www.deviantart.com/blissprism/art/f2u-teeny-wing-781080119
ʙᴜʏɪɴɢ ꜰʟʏɪɴɢ ᴅᴇʟᴛᴀꜱ & ᴊᴏʟʟʏ ᴘᴏᴋᴇᴍᴏɴ
F2U Flipped Wing, https://www.deviantart.com/blissprism/art/f2u-teeny-wing-flipped-781346711
ᴄᴏʟʟᴇᴄᴛɪɴɢ ꜱᴇᴀ ᴄʀᴏᴡɴꜱ
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
Sounds good! I'll send a trade~
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
bump again!
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
EDIT: New megastones have been added as well as egg passes and some shinies! Prices have also been tweaked a little!~
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
Axelerate13's AvatarAxelerate13
Axelerate13's Avatar
It's time to turn the table! By which I mean, I'm buying from your shop today! Can I buy your two relic silvers for 110gp?
Need Summons, S/As, Gems, or RTEs? I've got a shop!
Lonely Heart's AvatarLonely Heart
Lonely Heart's Avatar
I appreciate the business! It's been rough >.< And of course! I'll set up a trade!~
PowerUp's AvatarPowerUp
PowerUp's Avatar
Can I buy please two shiny Rookiedees?

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