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Kirbyfan's AvatarKirbyfan
Kirbyfan's Avatar
Basically everything that isn't just being saved for my wishforge badges.
Continuum's AvatarContinuum
Continuum's Avatar
As much as I can. No 'mon left behind!
MinniHowl's AvatarMinniHowl
MinniHowl's Avatar
Depends a bit on how they'lll work on the new site for me, but probably everything if I can! Items, mons... the works
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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Priority for me is going to be my 5 special™ party mons (Cranberry, Azuri, Frost, Son, and Choco) and my first field as they're the all-stars of my farm! All of my other specials are also gonna be important, as well as other sedimental mons like my Makuhita, Molly, and my Shinxel line hoarde. In items terms, I'm probably gonna be popping in ever so often for items I need, but I'm definitely bringing my summons, mega stones, z-crystals, and my sweet heart collection. And for other stuff, I've had a GIF of Brock's drying pan in my about me since I joined, and that's coming along with me! I'm also definitely gonna grab some memes and images I posted in my journal and have those in my new one! Also artwork of course, like sprites and old avatars and other commissions! TL;DR all mons that are special to me, valuable items, and artwork and a brock gif

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Would be everything I can for me too. Even my absolutely normal pokémon that I have had for ten years from PF1. Every one of them that I've kept for so long, has sentimetal reasons and memories to me, especially my PF1 starter.
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Pages: 12

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